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Date: 2020/12/04 11:24:00

Thousands of year ago marijuana plant was used for a variety of purposes such as teas, ropes even houses were constructed out of the plant. The plant has such a rich history that it is part of one of the oldest mythologies in the world. The plant was seen as a miracle plant. It was used for treatment of diseases and for pain relief. A lot of cultures smokes marijuana for both recreation and stress relief. And soon after that the western civilization destroyed the legacy of the plant, demonizing it and forcing countries to make the plant illegal. The western countries buried the plant so deep in the cultural shadows that it will take decades for it to recover, the positive side of the plant was ignored to bring out the harmful side. The history of the plant has been smeared with racism and dirty politics. These days the plant is being used for a variety of purposes. There are big companies selling all kinds of products made from the plant like hemp tea, hemp cosmetics, cannabis toothpaste even as far as hemp pasta is being made out of the plant, people are eating whole hemp seeds as snacks. If you notice all of these products do not involve THC and just focus on the non-psychoactive health benefits. The problem is not that THC has been made illegal around the world, the problem is that other useful stuff coming from plants is also banned by a lot of countries. These substances can help sick people, farmers etc.


If you would have travelled to countries like India or even Europe which had close relationships with eastern country, marijuana was being used in a lot of forms not just by the native people but the colonizers as well. There were clothes and ropes being made from hemp, some parts of the plant were being sold as creams long before the modern companies came out with CBD cream. All kinds of people were smoking marijuana as well. so, it is pretty clear that it was not the western countries which had a problem before.


The war on drugs was not started because the western countries thought that the plant was harmful to the health, if that was the case then cigarettes and alcohol would be long banned by now. The real reason for the war on marijuana was racism. The US government wanted the public perception to be that illegal immigrants and black people are the only ones who smoke marijuana, the name was also popularized to resemble Mexican or Latin American origin to make the public associate the drug with immigrants.


As new scientific studies came out which praised the good side of the plant and through some positive marketing, maybe to an extent the subsidence of racism from western countries the plant has seen a wave of legalization. But the effects of the marijuana war can still be seen.

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