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Date: 2021/07/14 09:46:25

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A virus can infect your computer quickly. It can damage your files or steal them in a matter of minutes or seconds. You might have to worry if you have sensitive data on your device. To protect your data, you'll need antivirus software. You might not be aware that antivirus software can also delete important files from your device. There are many reasons why this might happen, as we'll explain below.

Why is the antivirus software deleting the files?

A virus can infect your computer and cause problems. If you scan your device, all infected files will be detected as viruses. These files might need to be removed in order to get your device to function properly. You could lose your most important files. Most people don't know about the option of repairing the virus. You don't have to erase your important documents to get rid virus.

How can you prevent these files being deleted?

These are just a few of the options that you have instead of deleting files from your device.

  • You can change the settings of your antivirus to prevent files from being deleted. To change the delete option, you will need to open the antivirus program.
  • You can repair the files first. You can protect your device by using the most recent virus definitions.
  • Do a thorough scan of the computer. This will give you valuable information about your device's health.
  • You don't have to delete all infected files immediately after running a scan of your device. Each file must be checked and ensure that there are not any important ones.

You can rest assured that you won't face any problems if you follow the above steps. Every day new viruses are created. Keep your virus definition current.

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