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This is a very short project-based course that will help you learn all the basics of how to use Tableau Public software to visualize Citibike Trips Dataset. You will be taught to gather the data provided by citibike and then visualize them properly. As the datasets will be of great volume which means that you need to focus greatly on this course to understand all the technicalities.

The aim of this course is to not only make you capable of handling citibike datasets but also create a few visualizations on your own. You will get the required guidelines to make a collection of visualizations also known as a dashboard. The lecture video will be played in a split-screen along with your work area so that whatever the instructions the instructor is giving will be directly applied to your work. Tableau is an amazing data visualization tool and getting certified can really boost one’s skills. In order to prepare well for Certification, it’s recommended to search for best tableau certification dumps for specialist & certified associate exams.

What you will be learning from this project-based course?

By the end of this project, you will be able to

  • Create a variety of data visualizations with Tableau.
  • Able to publish different data visualizations with a dashboard in Tableau.
  • How to import data.
  • What are the most important end stations?
  • What are the most helpful and important start stations?
  • What is the average trip duration?
  • How to do the distribution of common end stations on popular start stations?
  • Understanding the start and stop times.
  • Lastly, how to create dashboards?

Thus, these and many other things will be learned from this project-based course.

Skills you can gain from this project-based course:

Upon completing the project, you would have gained a lot of skills regarding.

  • Business intelligence.
  • Data analysis.
  • Tableau software.
  • And data visualization (DataViz).

User feedback:

The user feedback can help others to figure out how the course has helped others to learn ad whether it is as helpful and genuine as it says in the description. So let’s take a look at both positive and negative comments that users have given to it.

Positive feedback:

I would say this is a very amazing, hands-on light introduction to Tableau. The course is not only short but engaging to the very last minute and has quite effective information in it that made me confident enough to start learning more already. (Ernest, 5 stars).

 I have a good knowhow of what tableau is and after that my next step was to look for a hands-on project where I can get to apply all the concepts that I have learned. Taking this project-based course was just the thing I needed and thanks to the professor of this course that the duration of the course was not that long. (Maddiboina S K, 5 stars).

I really liked the crisp content of the course as it was engaging, to the point, and easy to understand. The way the course has been designed shows how professional the instructor is and how well he knows about tableau. I really enjoyed learning every aspect of tableau from him. (Amrit B, 5 stars).

Though the duration of the project was short and almost everything taught in the course as helpful, yet my most favorite part was creating 5 visualizations and then adding them to a single dashboard. This part was where I enjoyed learning the most. But overall the course deserves 5 stars. (Diana N, 5 stars).

A great introductory course to the tableau that is very easy to understand and has extremely helpful instructions to make the project lesson run seamlessly. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from this 1-hour project-based course. (Michelle K, 5 stars).

Negative feedback:

To be honest I was expecting more about how we can collect data but the examples related to this were very few. As we were talking about citibike trips so I thought it will include routes with shapefiles or heatmaps, but that was missing. (Edgar R H, 2 stars).


Now we will give a short description of two alternatives that can be taken as well.

Data Visualization And Communication With Tableau:

In this course, the instructor aims to help you learn and understand how you can become a master at communicating business-relevant implications of data analyses. With that, you will be taught effectively as to how you can structure your data analysis projects to make sure that the hard work that you have done is in favor of what the stakeholders want. Similarly, you will also learn to streamline your analysis and then highlight all the implications efficiently using visualizations in tableau. Moreover, going further you will learn to make effective visualizations that will lead you to convey conclusions that are quite clear and direct. The skills that you will be gaining from the course will be relevant to data analysis, tableau software, data visualization (DataViz), Visualization (computer graphics), and more. So enroll today and start learning the basics of data visualization with tableau for free. Here we have a guide for Tableau Certification Preparation for beginners and professionals.

Fundamentals of visualization with tableau:

A quite basic course that has all the information about the fundamentals of the tableau. By taking this course, you will be able to handle and understand huge data in a different way that will further help you make wise decisions. Similarly, you will be taught how to explore data interface and also get a complete understanding of the various tools that are present in tableau. Moreover, you will also learn to use them effectively to make your work even more valuable. You will learn to install tableau public software and create different visualization. Then you will be taught to examine and navigate the tableau public workspace. Similarly, how to connect to different data sources and examining different ways to define your project will also be taught. So start learning for free today.


As you can see tableau is a very interesting tool and what is better than getting a chance to learn to use it at your ease and pace through this course? So, enroll in a free course now and start learning the most useful details of tableau from the comfort of your home and never stop learning.

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