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Date: 2020/08/23 18:14:29

Sam Mustafa Charleston Hospitality Group founder—is encouraged by these findings, noting that young residents are growing in Charleston, especially those that decide to stay in the area after attending local universities. Paying attention to the needs of local residents and area tourists, Mustafa is dedicated to providing an array of options that meet the demands of both younger and older consumers. 

Sam Mustafa, Charleston concludes, "Charleston Hospitality Group is dedicated to reaching out to the younger generation that is growing within the area. Currently, our use of social media combined with electronic marketing allows us to connect with our younger audience in a way that speaks to their generation and encourages them to experience what this unique city has to offer."

Sam Mustafa founded the Charleston Hospitality Group in 2008 as a resource to provide residents and tourists with the best in food, nightlife, catering and transportation available in Charleston, South Carolina. As a resident, Sam Mustafabelieves that Charleston offers a wide array of options in entertainment, activity and relaxation for tourists and citizens alike. In five years, Sam Mustafa has enabled the Charleston Hospitality Group to expand as a successful business that currently operates and manages five brands and eight companies. Through his group's work, Mustafa continues to help improve the local community and allow visitors to appreciate all that it has to offer.

Toast, both Market Street Saloon locations, Charleston Downtown Limo, and three other restaurants called Sam's Corner, Tabbuli Grill, and Eli's Table.



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