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Date: 2021/10/22 11:50:50

                   Is it safe to vape without nicotine?


The advantages of electronic cigarettes are numerous. A brief overview of the main ones. What to be motivated to succeed in quitting smoking thanks to the vape!

Quitting smoking has never been easier

Quitting smoking is never easy. However, tobacco is responsible for around 73,000 premature deaths each year, it is appropriate for all smokers to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. To do this, several tools exist, including the disposable e-cigarette Australia which has many advantages. Indeed, while so-called "traditional" nicotine substitutes, such as chewing gums or patches, are content simply to allow smokers to provide their body with a certain amount of nicotine, the electronic cigarette does well. more than that.

The cigarette break without smoking, it's possible

Among the reasons given by smokers to explain their addiction to smoking, many speak of the "social bonds" it creates. It is true that taking a “cigarette break” during or after work, accompanied by colleagues, can provide a real moment of pleasure and relaxation. One of the flaws of classic nicotine substitutes is to suppress this instant. 

Indeed, while smokers will allow themselves this little moment of pleasure at the time of the break, those who try to get away from smoking will have nothing more to do. He will of course be able to follow his colleagues in order to converse with them, but often, will get bored very quickly. Yes, when there is no longer that famous cigarette to smoke, this moment quickly becomes without real objective, and therefore boring.

Vape can get around this problem! Who said that the “cigarette break” had to consist of smoking a cigarette? Why not continue to share these few minutes of relaxation, in the company of your colleagues, to discuss as before, but while vaping!

Thus, the smoker, while trying to wean himself from tobacco thanks to the disposable vape, will be able to continue to benefit from these small moments of pleasure in the company of his colleagues and friends. Enough to forget much more easily than he does not smoke his cigarette as usual.



With the electronic cigarette, no problem

The disposable e cig does not have any of its drawbacks! Indeed, no irritation and other redness are to be deployed in the context of the use of a personal vaporizer. All activities are also authorized for vapers and even recommended since by stopping smoking, the vaper can very quickly experience various beneficial effects on his health, such as an improvement in his physical performance.

In truth, the only problem that can be encountered by a smoker during his passage to the vape is to cough slightly when taking a puff. A cough that does not affect all new vapers but can be explained in several ways.

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