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Date: 2021/10/04 15:07:22

                       The Benefit of Reality-TV


Some find it entertaining and close to their lives, others think it's TV trash. Whatever happens, reality TV does not leave you indifferent and unleashes passions. This television genre consisting of following the daily life of strangers or more or less famous people in the form of episodes. Reality shows were born in the 1970s in the United States. For more than 40 years now, this genre has invaded the planet and continues to take up space on our TV program schedules. some shows are impossible to miss especially shows that have versions all over the world or local shows that have international viewers such as Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5, impossible to miss. Should we be wary of this scourge or rather rejoice in its authenticity?


Benefits for participants

Reality TV allows candidates who are passionate about cooking, sewing, or singing, for example, to make enriching encounters with professionals who are difficult to access in real life. It is a great platform to seize opportunities and to be exposed to the public.

On the other hand, some participants are paid, or even earn a large fee at the end. This money can allow them to bring an important project to fruition.

Finally, reality TV can help people in difficulty and even save lives! Let us quote for example the programs where the best surgeons reconstruct the faces of severe burns victims.


Entertainment for viewers

Reality TV is above all entertaining. It is a place to escape for some, allows them to forget, and even to change or customize their daily life by looking at that of others. The viewer can compare himself to the candidates and realize that he is not alone when faced with certain problems (family conflicts, depression, work, relations, etc.).

These shows are like TV series but "for real". It is therefore about real love stories, real betrayals, real family discussions, etc. They are not actors who play a role but people who simply live their lives. Thus, viewers and especially adolescents can easily identify with these "characters" who are not created from scratch. Moreover, thanks to votes, they have a certain power of control that is quite exhilarating.

Finally, reality TV can play an "educational" role. In Brazil, football player Ronaldo was behind a program called Medida Certo where we could follow his weight loss. This program was created to sensitize the Brazilian population to the problems of diet and obesity.

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