Benefits of Using a Professional Translation Company

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Date: 2021/09/28 23:53:24

             Benefits of Using a Professional Translation Company


Some of your colleagues are probably fluent in one or more foreign languages. But is it enough to communicate with your clients?

It is advisable to use a translation agency. The stake is too high! Indeed, a translation error can cause a problem of understanding among your interlocutors. You, therefore, risk affecting the brand image of your company!

Poor communication can reflect a lack of professionalism. Don't take the risk of damaging your brand image! Request a professional translation service.

But what are the advantages of a translation agency?

A translation agency: a complete service

Some companies hesitate between two options:

  • Contact a freelance translator
  • Use a translation agency

A freelance translator often specializes in only one or two areas. On the other hand, a translation agency has several translators. Therefore, it will cover more areas of expertise.

Translation Agency has a further important advantage: your project management. It ensures the follow-up of your projects from A to Z. This includes the analysis and proofreading of the source document, translation, quality control, layout, etc. Revision is a guarantee of professionalism.  It guarantees the quality of the translation. 

This type of service is rarely supported by freelance translators.

The translation agency will use a project manager. He will coordinate the work of the translator and reviser. He can also assist you if you need other more personalized services.

The translation agency covers a wider and more efficient service. The project manager will be responsible for selecting the most suitable translator and will have the translation revised by a person who is also competent in the subject.

An accompaniment on the long term

A guarantee of quality

Perhaps your company uses bilingual colleagues to translate your content ...? At first look, this might look like a good idea! It seems an economical and low risk. And yet ...

Let us take a concrete example. Your company sells products on the Internet. and you wish to translate your General Conditions of Use. If your text is a little technical, your colleague will probably have difficulty. And you can't blame him! He does not specialize in this area. A translation error is quick to happen, and it can damage your company's image. In our example, this can even lead to problems with the law!

An error can discredit your content ... Especially if the documents you have translated are intended for your suppliers, associates, customers, or even your partners. As a result, the image of your company will be greatly affected.

Call on professional linguists! This will guarantee quality communication between your company and your various stakeholders. 

Save time

The translation agencies like ptranslate can count on many competent translators within their team.

Thanks to its well-stocked address book, the translation agency will be more likely to meet your deadlines. it will get your translations back to you on time!

By using multiple translators, your translation production time will be considerably shortened. And this, without neglecting the quality. Then, the reviser will take care of harmonizing the translations to deliver a homogeneous version from a stylistic and terminological point of view.

An accompaniment on the long term

As mentioned earlier, a freelance translator is not a project manager. They are two different jobs. By using a translation agency, you will need to use the services of a project manager.

Its advantage is long-term support. The project manager will have an easier time understanding your needs and expectations. Indeed, he will have already worked with you before!

So you can sleep soundly. He will take care of everything! If you are not satisfied with the translator's job, the project manager can of course transfer your project to another competent and specialized linguist. The possibilities are endless!

Localized service

Do you want to export your brand abroad but do not know where to turn to adapt your content to the target market? with pTranslate localization services, You can achieve it easily, just rely on it and see the results. 

They will take care of calling on a translator located in the country to which you wish to export. The costs will therefore be reduced. In addition, you will be guaranteed a translation that meets the cultural requirements of the region you are targeting.

Translation agencies can also offer other services dedicated to your establishment abroad. 

The translation, whatever it is, represents a real marketing tool for exports. Don't underestimate it!

Our recommendation: 

pTranslate is a professional translation, localization, and writing agency that offers global language solutions for businesses and individuals. We have thousands of translators and freelancers with relevant industry expertise to help businesses eliminate the language barriers. Not only that, we can also aid leaders to craft exceptional content for their blogs and websites that laser-targets their customers to drive traffic and boost conversion.


In conclusion

if your business needs professional translation services, the translation agency is a more than wise choice.

A translation agency offers you a complete and quality service.  It saves you time. The agency can also support you in the long term! A freelance translator will surely run out of time, due to the workload he has on the side.

Before hiring a bilingual colleague, think about the time he will spend translating your documents, rather than his usual tasks.



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