Exploring Cox Phone: How Going Digital Makes Phone Conversation Better

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Date: 2021/09/26 10:24:28

               Exploring Cox Phone: How Going Digital Makes Phone Conversation Better


When the whole world is going digital, how beneficial it is to stick with your plain old telephone service? There’s no harm in keeping an antique that has memories attached to it. As long as memories are not of compressed frequency bands, decrypted calling, and low-quality voice. Analog phones, also known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) have been part of every household in the United States.


However, since technology made its way to homes, people realized how beneficial it is to replace their old analog phones with digital phones. People learned the importance of going digital with phone service, but what they are still unaware of are the digital services best suited for their household.


Communication has become more than necessary in today's time. In addition, no matter how innovative the time has become, the source for communication is always telephone. Especially when we are in our homes, we reach our household telephone system to talk to someone. However, with the times came technology in every household and we soon adapted the changes brought by digital phone systems. 


One of the finest digital phone systems in the United States goes by the name Cox phone. Cox phone, a production of internet, cable, and TV service provider Cox, has been part of various households for a long time. Still, many people could not have explored the features and innovation Cox phone has brought to digital communication. 


Apart from exceptional Cox deals, several features make cox phone a needed replacement for households with analogs. 


Following are some of the modern digital calling features that cox phone holds up to provide its customer the communication quality and standards they deserve: 


Easy Installation 


One of the finest features that come with a cox phone is its easy installation. You do not need to call up the company’s customer service constantly to book your appointment. Nor you have to write emails to the company just to get in touch. 


Cox provides easy channels for its customer to get access to cox phone installation. All you need to do is go to the home page of Cox.com and get a free update and installation in just three simple steps. 


Click on the “Get started” button provided on the home page. Then “sing into my account” and lastly schedule a free appointment for your house. 


Exceptional Calling Features


Apart from providing cox deals and bundles that make calling a whole lot affordable for the cox phone customer, the service holds exceptional calling features that make life easier. 


Calling features such as blocking unwanted calls and downloading Cox Voice Everywhere App are things that every modern telephone users want. 


Unwanted Call Blocking


It is not new getting unwanted calls. Especially when you are running a business from home, you will often find yourself struggling between being polite to unwanted calls and cussing the hell out of them. 


Well, with locking of unwanted calls feature in your cox phone you no longer have to spend your precious time with unnecessary calls. All you have to do is block the unwanted number such as annoying sales and robo-calls. 


Cox Everywhere App


The calling feature that enables the user to download the Cox Voice Everywhere app has made life simpler for many people. Most people that are away from their home come back to witness important calls being unanswered. At this time, either you end up providing your phone number to your customers and compromise your privacy or you just suffer the loss, silently. 


Now, with cox phone all, you need too is download the Cox Voice Everywhere app and you can use your home phone service anywhere you want. You can also use the text messaging and video calling feature through the App. 


High Quality Equipment


There are a number of things that make Cox phone a reliable digital phone service for your household. Our personal favorites are its high-quality equipment attached to the service. 


Cox phone service comes with a Phone headset that makes sure it supports DECT 6.0 and features like Call waiting.


With DECT 6.0 comes features like; power saving, HD sound, Wiretap protection, zero network interference, and a better range.


All of these qualities, when combined together, provide exceptional calling quality with affordability. 




Communication is the key. And so is, affordability. With cox phone, home service exceptional comes communication, and affordability comes hand in hand. Find out the amazing features of the cox phone in the blog above.  


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