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Date: 2021/09/19 17:47:05

         Everything You Need to Know About Hiring PHP Developers


Would you like to nominate a top-level PHP WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY? Or do you need a professional web developer or web development team who will create a brilliant PHP business website and help you move your business forward? 

Why you should recruit a PHP developer?

Nowadays, there are many programming languages to choose from for web development, such as ASP, JSP, Perl, Ruby, CGI, and PHP.PHP is the most widely used programming language compared to other languages due to its simplicity offered to developers, who can learn this scripting language easily. At this time, having knowledge of the PHP scripting language is the most demanding skill for developers. 

So, Why to choose PHP for web application development or website design and development?.

1-Powerful, Flexible, and Scalable

Facebook, the largest and most powerful social media platform, uses PHP as its web interface. Facebook even created a language derived from PHP, called “Hack”, to meet the giant's new content management needs. This shows the level of flexibility, robustness, and scalability built into PHP. That's why PHP is the best and powerful development language.

2-Low cost

As PHP is an open-source programming language, many developers provide support libraries on PHP, which reduces development costs. Indianlancer offers starting rates of $ 8 per hour.

3-Developer Friendly

Yes, you heard that right, PHP is a developer-friendly programming language. Indeed, it limits the writing of codes and the development of website structures very little. It also offers security settings that can be easily adopted by developers.

4-Many extensions

It has many optional extensions, which can be used by developers in their development according to the needs of the projects.

5-Huge Library

Support- Libraries play an important role in developing websites with ease which sets PHP apart from all other programming languages


6-Isolated Frameworks and CMS

PHP has a very large family of various frameworks and CMS, for easy CodeIgniter use, enterprise-level using Zend and YII, and where Symfony and Laravel are the full champions. We also have the truth about CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento families for eCommerce solutions, and many more.

All of these factors make PHP the all-time favorite, and the growing network of the PHP developer community keeps PHP updating going.

How to manage your recruitment process?

  • Define the professional responsibilities and skills that your project requires
  • Write the job description (technical stacks, experience requirements, team structure, responsibilities, benefits, project ...)
  • Publish your ad on your website/career page
  • Choose your #easypartner tech recruiting  firm (multi-distribution of your ad, access to the PHP developer community in France, organization of interviews, salary negotiations, etc.)


The key to a good PHP developer is the depth of knowledge, experience, natural developer skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking skills. It's a lot to look for!

Using a specialist recruiting agency or recruiting partner to help your business screen candidates saves real time and money.

A company like SafetyBis will find the talents you are looking for, filtering out the others. Ultimately, of course, you use your own recruiting process, skills assessments, and other processes to choose the final candidate.

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