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           How to Choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt: Our Top Tips

Who would not dream of discovering the beauty of Africa's largest river "the Nile". A Nile cruise from Cairo on the thousand-year-old Nile perfectly embodies this new way of traveling without stress and without hassle. On the deck, with a tea in hand or at the railing, gaze riveted on the setting sun, you will never tire of this magnificent stroll on a long quiet river.

It is approximately 6,700 kilometers long, which is equivalent to the Amazon River which is the longest river in the world. Taking a cruise on this majestic river is the best way to get away from the routine of everyday life. It is a guaranteed adventure while contemplating the desert landscapes, anecdotes, and famous temples of Egypt. There are thousands of reasons why it is worth taking a Nile Cruise.

Why choose a Nile cruise?

The Nile is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Borrowing a luxurious ship from Cairo to Luxor and sailing on Egypt's famous sacred river is the best way to explore the mythical Nile Valley, its landscapes magnificent, its archaeological sites, and its worldwide fame. You only have to look at a few photos to understand that this is the ideal destination for a cruise. You will finally have the opportunity to discover the fabulous city of Luxor which was called Thebes in ancient times, the archaeological site of Karnak which includes several temples, and the capital which is renowned for its architectural wealth. These are, in fact, the essential visits during a cruise in this place. It should be noted that a crossing in this river is not limited to the land of the pharaohs, it is also a great opportunity to experience the richness of Egyptian culture. However, this tour is not just for spending a few weeks on a boat, but it also involves visiting the history and beauty of must-see attractions.

Tips for Choosing a Nile Cruise

The Nile makes everyone dream. This African river makes it possible to pass through at least 11 countries, of which Egypt has so far obtained the kindness of travelers. Crossing this gigantic river will make you discover impressive places. However, it is not always easy to organize your travel itinerary. Thus, to select the best cruise on the Nile, it is first of all essential to know in advance the sites and tourist attractions that you wish to discover during your crossing in Egypt. When it comes to going on a trip to Egypt, everyone thinks not to miss a visit to the pyramids. In general, note that cruise plans will not go through Cairo, although these great historical monuments sit a few hours from the capital. It is therefore necessary to find another niche to be able to make a small turn to the North to visit the pyramids. You are strongly advised to opt for cruises that will allow you to enjoy many unique attractions, such as Luxor and Aswan. In addition, be aware that other ships will allow you to benefit from a cruise on the Nile's new frontiers.

How to take a comfortable cruise on the Nile?

Several ways are available to you to cross the Nile. Certainly, you can enjoy a luxury cruise on the Nile aboard a large ship. The tour operators offer different boat classifications to suit all budgets. From a five-star cruise to a felucca cruise, each type of ship has particular comfort to satisfy all categories of travelers. Among a wide variety of choices, choose an air-conditioned boat. And the most important! Your trip should include short trips and not add additional packages, otherwise, it may increase your travel costs. In addition, before traveling, the choice of the period is essential. Thus, for a cruise on the Nile, it is preferable to leave between November and the month of March. In fact, during this mild and cool period, the temperature of the area remains constant. Of course, you can sail at other times of the year, but the climate will not allow you to have a comfortable trip, as the temperature is extremely high and suffocating.

Is it possible to take a cruise at the best price on the Nile?

Since there is a range of prices and different ships, you have quite the option of having a cheap Nile crossing. The price varies depending on the boat and the travel formula you choose. If you are looking to travel at a good price, the best way is also to choose the Nile cruise Egypt packages, when these offers are available. You will take advantage of stays, which is a great choice to enjoy an extraordinary trip at a reasonable price.


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