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Date: 2021/09/18 11:29:06

                    The best note-taking apps for college students

Smartphones and tablets are great note-taking tools. These devices excel at fulfilling this functionality. At any time, it is possible to note what goes through your mind or any information that is communicated to you. Here are 5 essential applications for note-taking on Android.

Create a shopping list, Document Scanner: there are often things that you need to write down quickly. For that, no need to carry a sticky notepad with you at all times. Your smartphone is enough. The Play Store is full of note-taking apps, here is a selection of the best.

1 – OneNote

Much like Google, Microsoft has its own note-taking app for Android. OneNote offers everything one would expect from such software. The set works as a notebook that can contain as many pages of notes as you want. The filling can be done with the keyboard or with a stylus if you are using a hybrid tablet. The big advantage of OneNote is its ability to sync with the PC version on Windows 10.

2 – Evernote

Evernote serves as the top of the line when it comes to note-taking applications. There are many features, different types of note-taking, support for notebooks, organizational functions, or sharing of notes. Best of all, Evernote is cross-platform. With the optional subscription, you will get more storage space, offline access, an annotation function for PDF documents, and more. In short, this application is very complete and very powerful.


3 – Google Keep

The Google-branded note-taking app is of excellent quality. Thanks to Material Design, it is both very aesthetic and functional. Notes look like maps, making it easy to navigate and quick to edit. It also has the advantage of being integrated into Google Drive. It is possible to incorporate voices or images or to place memos.

4- Note Daily

The Note Daily is an Android application that deserves to be known. Already very compatible, the free version will not only allow you to take notes but also organize tasks, create to-do lists, scan documents, and sync your notes. Several colors are available for post-it notes, as well as various layouts. The interface is good, offering various sorting modes. By opting to purchase Premium, you remove on-screen advertisements and add several functions.


5 – Samsung Notes

Specially designed for Samsung devices, the Notes application will be essential for heads in the air. Supporting both keyboard writing and an S-Pen stylus, Samsung Notes offers plenty of options within a clean interface. Emphasis is thus placed on ergonomics, in particular when used with the touch pen. Once your sketches and notes are saved, they can be shared with your other Samsung devices via the cloud.



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