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Date: 2021/09/15 11:38:29

                       How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Big Goals in Life


Motivation. We often hear this word, but what does it really mean? And above all, how we manage to be motivated in several aspects of our life, at all times. For starters, I can assure you that there is no miracle recipe for staying motivated consistently. We're all human, so it's okay to feel less motivated at some point. However, we can put things in place in our lives to help us stay that way. Before presenting you with ten 4 tips to stay motivated during the year, let's quickly define what motivation means.

Motivation is defined first of all by what motivates an act, behavior, or what prompts someone to act. Even in the small things, for example, you may need motivation to clean your room or office.  More precisely in the world of work, motivation is defined as the set of elements that allow an individual to adopt an effective behavior, and thus, he engages in a voluntary and natural way in the accomplishment of his tasks. While this definition applies in a professional setting, it can also apply to parts of your personal life. Here are ten tips to keep you motivated throughout the year!


1. Remember his "why?"


Do you know your 'why'? The reason that allows you to keep moving forward and refocus in the most difficult times? Without knowing it, we all have a basic reason that corresponds to our 'why' and it is this reason that keeps us motivated and focused to achieve our goals. Therefore, when we feel less motivated and we no longer have the desire to do anything, often it is because we forget our "why". If you have never thought of this basic reason, take the time to think about it for a moment; what drives you to work so many hours in the office, to invest in your business? I promise you it goes a lot further than just making money! Here are some examples that I have already been given: paying for my children's studies, buy myself a chalet so that I can relax on the weekends, visit my family who lives in another country, be able to spoil my family and loved ones… All the reasons are good, you just need to find YOURs. When you are feeling less motivated, having a hard time getting up in the morning to go to work, think about why you are doing all this and I promise you will have an energy boost. You will regain your motivation!

2. Set goals and revise them


Whether at work, in one's personal life, or in our family life, setting goals in life is essential if we want to progress. Goals can be issued for different time periods, but what is most important is to revise them. The stream of life changes rapidly, we have seen it well in the last year or so, so we have to take the time to sit down at a certain point to look at our initial goals. At this time, we can see the goals that we have achieved, set new ones, or even find ways to achieve those that we have not yet achieved. What is important is to take the time to give feedback and visualize where you want to go in order to always have realistic goals. When you make your list of goals to achieve,

3. Get a vision board


In addition to the first two points listed, visualization is a very important element to consider in order to stay motivated. Indeed, visualization is used to act on behaviors or physiological processes, including personal or professional goals to be achieved. Several tools allow visualization, including the vision board. A vision board is a table grouping together several goals that we want to achieve over a certain period. Once the table is created, it is important to post it in several places where we can see it frequently. The board can be displayed as wallpaper on your computer, cell phone, print it out, and display it in your office or on your refrigerator for example, any place you can watch it often. By frequently looking at your vision board, you will be able to imagine yourself once your goals have been achieved. From this visualization, it will keep you motivated to redouble your efforts to achieve your goals and then set new ones afterward.

4. Chat with colleagues


Interpersonal relationships definitely make a difference in our motivation at work. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has heard one of his colleagues say, “I'm staying for my colleagues”. While the office is a place to work, it should also be an environment where colleagues can chat and have fun. In addition to having a positive impact on motivation, interpersonal relationships improve creativity, productivity, and the energy of talents. On the other hand, it is important to remember that we should not only talk about work, but it is also important to talk about other subjects. Often around the coffee machine or in the hallway, ask your colleagues what they did on the weekend, what their hobbies are or if they saw what happened on the news this morning. In order to establish a good relationship with others, it is important to get to know them, and to do this, it is necessary to discuss subjects other than work. In addition, offering a little break from work to our brain has never hurt anyone, we come back more concentrated once the break is over. If I can sum up this advice, take the time to get to know your colleagues, working is even more fun and motivating with friends than with ordinary colleagues whose last name we don't even know. Giving our brain a little break from work has never hurt anyone, we come back more concentrated once the break is over.


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