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                       Top  Benefits of Using Dog Training Collars

The dog training collar is an accessory that makes many owners and vets skeptical. You only have to ask people on the street to understand how reluctant they are to use this gadget on their dogs. The main reason they cite is that it is a torture device and it hurts the dog. But some are fervent defenders of this collar, and for good reason, it makes the dog more docile. Everyone, therefore, has their own motivations. To be honest, they're not entirely wrong. Anyway, to be more objective about the question of the usefulness and effectiveness of a training collar, it is important to know the pros and cons.

The advantages of the training collar

The stubborn dogs training collar collar has significant advantages, including its affordability. It is clear that a training collar costs significantly less than a dog trainer to train your pet. It takes up to 2000 dolarrs for training courses with a behaviorist. The price difference is really big because for a hundred dollars you get a training collar.

In addition to being inexpensive, collars participate in the development of the dog. Indeed, people abandon their dogs because they are not assiduous. The training collar can come in handy in this situation. Not only does it promote listening to the dog, but also it teaches him the notion of hierarchy. When a dog is well trained, its relationship with its owner is better.

The training collar can save lives. You might think that's overkill, but believe it, it isn't. Imagine yourself in the street with your dog! Then, all of a sudden, he's attracted to an object on the other side of the road. Regardless of the dangers surrounding him, he rushes excitedly to grab the object. The collar can very quickly straighten the animal and prevent it from being hit by a car. It can also be useful in other situations. For example, if your dog violently attacks a passer-by in the street, or if he tries to run away.

A training collar is an interesting tool. It is an invaluable aid in the training of dogs. In addition, it costs less. However, all devices have flaws. This is also the case with this type of collar.


Training collar: what are the mistakes not to make? 

Those who want to use the training collars should avoid 6 mistakes: 

  • Do not read the user manual: although the tool seems easy to use, you will benefit from reading the user manual in order to master the accessory without putting your dog in danger. 
  • Buying a low quilaity collar: Here's some of the best shock collar for large stubborn dogs in the market today,   buy from them. 
  • Do not familiarize the dog with his new accessory: give your pooch time to get used to his new collar for a few days. He absolutely has to familiarize himself with the feeling and understand the usefulness of the tool. This is particularly the case for halter or choke type collars. 
  • Start right away at full power: at the start, always set the collar at low intensity so as not to traumatize your pooch. 
  • Use Collar Permanently: Training collars are designed to help you teach specific exercises to your companion. They should not be worn non-stop by the dog. We recommend that you start with 15 to 20 minute workouts. And be sure to remove the collar immediately after the exercises. Obviously, this advice does not apply to bark collars. 
  • Rest entirely on the training collar: far from being a magic wand, this tool must be accompanied by a specific order (eg: “Stop” or “sleep”). You should also combine the use of the accessory with a good dose of patience and several repetitions.  
  • Don't Reward Your Dog: Be sure to praise your pooch when he obeys your commands and whenever he improves his behavior . Hugs, toys and treats will only motivate your companion even more. And this will prevent him from associating the exercises with a form of sanction. 


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