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Date: 2021/09/10 07:31:32

                                  How Tantric Massage Can Improve Your Life


The true nuru massage is an intimate holistic massage. It is a transformative experience aimed at reaching the depths of your being. Release the tensions present in the body, access its subtle and energetic dimension, release repressed emotions, open up to a larger world in which sexuality is an integral part of your being and is not judged.

It is an interior journey, in the discovery of oneself, in the awakening of the senses, towards the opening of the body and the spirit, which has the ultimate goal to reach states of well-being, plenitude, and raise our level of consciousness. The massage uses different techniques and rituals: the touch of course, but also meditation, sublimation, breathing, transfiguration. It is an experience that is both therapeutic and spiritual, healing and ecstatic, in presence and love.

This massage practice is a modern adaptation of certain teachings from Tantrism. Tantra is a spiritual path, a way of living, the objective of which is the expansion of consciousness and energies. It is an inclusive tradition based on non-dual principles, which embraces the world, and which offers tools to manage the challenges of modern life.

Confusion & bad reputation

Many limit tantra to sacred sexuality, conscious relationships, or massage, when in reality it is a much larger world incorporating areas such as yoga, art, music, dance, etc. astrology, and more.

Be careful not to confuse the so-called "tantric" massage services which are in fact erotic massages whose sole purpose is the simple search for pleasure.

Before a session, find out about the experience of your provider and do not hesitate to ask him questions about his vision of tantra and the course of the massage.

The benefits of tantric massage

Reconnect to your body

It is a massage of the entire body that we seek to awaken, to discover new sensations, to listen to emotions.

Release tension and stress

Release the tensions and stress accumulated in the body, and in particular in the Yoni (vagina). This stores memory in the form of emotions and tensions. Release them and allow the energy to flow harmoniously. Your well-being will be changed and your sex life more pleasant and healthy.

Increase your sensitivity, play with energies

Become more orgasmic, even multi-orgasmic (this is valid for both women and men!)

It is an endless experience! The better you feel in your body, release tension, accept and integrate your sensuality, the better you will feel. Your sensations will amplify and your orgasmic state will increase, intensify and multiply… It's natural and so good!

Manage your sexual energy

And no longer be its slave! The sexual energy being at the origin of life is very powerful. Animal and instinctual, purifying, refining, and sublimating it will allow a transformation and an evolution of the being.

Learn to awaken it and direct it to the heart, to ride this energy wave. Experience energetic orgasms covering the whole body. (And for men orgasms without ejaculation!).

Balance and heal

Balance and heal the masculine and feminine manifestations of your personality, gain confidence, increase your radiance ...

Treating intimate problems

Treat intimate problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, anorgasmia, low libido.

The course of a tantric massage session

Each professional has their own methods. The sessions of tantric massage that I propose last 3 hours because I believe that they are necessary to allow the receiver to discover himself, to let himself go, and to take full advantage of the interior journey.

The sessions begin with a discussion of your intentions, the problems you are having in your sexuality, and your relationship to spirituality.

I then take you on a meditative opening ritual allowing you to let go and reconnect with yourself. This is when the clothes will be removed.

The massage can then begin in a sacred atmosphere: candles, scents (incense, essential oils) and relaxing music are on the program and contribute to the creation of a warm atmosphere. The practice is filled with benevolence, and takes place in openness, listening, respect and non-judgment.

The entire body is massaged, and the recipient's consent is always requested before accessing private parts. The goal is to let go and learn to receive without trying to give back. Massage can induce pleasure or release emotions and traumas stored in the body.

Each session is unique and depends on the energy of the moment, on how the recipient abandons himself and welcomes the sensations and emotions that will take place. The practice ends with a moment of integration, a meditation than an exchange, in a union of the body, the heart, and the spirit.

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