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                                        Advantages of prepaid cards


When it comes to mobile telephony, there are so many different offers that all users can find what they are looking for. From the all-unlimited package to the prepaid card, the target audience is obviously not the same. As for prepaid cards and mobile top-ups, they offer a good alternative to plans with or without commitment.

Consumption adapted to your needs with the prepaid card

You certainly remember the prepaid cards, which were widely used not so long ago, especially for young users. Nowadays, however, these are much rarer, competition from packages obliges: the content and the price of the latter are now more interesting than prepaid cards in most cases. However, they can be of great interest for certain types of use.

The principle of a prepaid card is simple: you buy a SIM card including a certain amount of credit, and as and when it is used, it becomes empty. There are actually several types of prepaid offers:

  • “Pay as you go ” cards: the SIM card is credited with a certain amount of credit, and each call, SMS / MMS, or Internet use consumes this credit. Once the credit is used up, you will no longer be able to access the network.
  • “Unlimited” cards for a defined period: this time the card allows you to make calls, send SMS / MMS and go or not on the Internet for a defined period (for example 10 days). After the card expires, you will no longer be able to access the network.
  • Cards with automatic recharging by crossing a threshold: the SIM card has a credit sum, but this is automatically recharged when a credit threshold is crossed, a threshold defined in advance by you.
  • Cards with monthly automatic recharge: the SIM card is once again credited with a certain amount, but this time every month: you define an amount to be credited each month and your card will fill up automatically.

Regarding mobile top-ups, these are used in addition to a prepaid SIM card: once your credit is used up, you can buy a top-up (digicel top up for example) which will be credited to your card.

Note also that mobile recharge can also be done online, which can be convenient for more than one consumer.

These prepaid cards and mobile top-ups are found in the shops of telephone operators, in supermarkets and tobacconists, and even in ATMs for top-ups. As we have seen, it is also possible to top up your credit online or to set up an automatic top-up. You can buy a prepaid card alone or as a kit, that is to say with a mobile.

Top-up validity and line validity: what's the difference?

The validity of the card or recharge should not be confused with the validity of the line: these two deadlines are different.

Use your credits during the period of validity of the top-up

When you credit your card with a certain amount, you have a certain period of time to use that credit. Once this period has expired, the credits consumed are then definitively lost. On the other hand, you can recharge your card once again even though you have some credit left: the latter will add up and the validity period for both will be that of the last reload. Note that some top-ups have no validity limit, most of the time when it comes to a monthly top-up card.

Receive calls while the line is valid

Buying a prepaid card isn't just about buying credit: it's also about getting a line. However, the duration of the line is not the same as that of the recharge. In other words, you will still be able to receive calls or texts even when you have used up your credit or your recharge has expired. However, your line can be deactivated if it is not in use (no calls, no SMS / MMS for a long time).

It is worth opting for a prepaid card when ...

  • I am an occasional consumer

With the advent of low-cost plans, prepaid cards have lost their appeal. For good reason, they will come back to you at a considerable price if you adopt too much consumption, and above all, it is necessary to pay great attention to your credit and to recharge them regularly: not the most practical. On the other hand, if you use your mobile very little and your consumption is reduced to a few calls and texts, a prepaid card can prove to be economical and perhaps offer you better management of your telephone budget.

  • I am traveling abroad or I want to make international calls

Packages including international calls are generally offered at a considerable price, and that is why for occasional travelers, for business trips or simply to contact someone abroad, a prepaid card intended for the international is very interesting. Some allow you to define a country to which you want to make calls or a region, while others allow, among other things, to keep your number and not to lose your contacts.

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