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                                               Advantage of SOS Click for auto-saving

1 - What is an automatic data backup (Autosaving)?

Needless to say, the importance of regular backups. If you have already lost hours of work due to a failure (the famous untimely power cut while you are working on budget reporting…), you are perfectly aware of it. The backup data is the same but applied to all essential resources to run your business. It is a copy of the data - single file, hard drive, the partition of a hard drive, server, entire operating system - stored on media external to the system, and ideally off-site. The interest? Be able to restore data in the event of a disaster and allow you to restart your activity as quickly as possible and under the best conditions.


The automatic backup is simply this mechanism in an automated version. The software takes a “snapshot” of your data at an instant T to restore this image in the event of a system crash. The frequency of this automatic backup can be configured according to your needs and the sensitivity of your data.


2 - How does backup software work?

To schedule an automatic backup at regular intervals, you need backup software like sos-click it can make autosaving to all Microsoft programs for example so if you were working on Microsoft excel it can make excel autosave by one click to all your cloud sites so there are no worries. Backup solutions are most often SaaS type: just download and install them. Once set up, this backup solution performs its automatic backup at the desired time by recording the selected data, according to your settings.


If you have opted for a backup solution on external servers, encryption applies to the data before it is stored in the data centers in addition to being compressed. When you need to restore your data, it is transferred to you as it was saved in the last automatic backup.


3 - What are the advantages of the automatic backup(Autosaving) programs?

By setting up an automatic backup of your data, a backup software (like sos-click) offers optimal protection: your essential data like Microsoft word files is placed in safety by word autosave so that it can be retrieved at any time in disaster. The regularity of the backup guarantees the return to a previous healthy state, without this impacting your activity.


For your company, this is a huge time saving (no need for human intervention to perform backups, data restoration is very fast ...), the assurance of not impacting the functioning of your structure (no disruption continuity), and the guarantee of maximum security (no loss or deterioration of data to be feared: the software restores the information as it was saved).


Beyond the automatic backup mechanism, backup software has many advantages:


Complete data backups: workstations, servers, virtual machines, applications ...

Great flexibility: you choose the type and frequency of backups.

Simplified use: data restoration is done remotely, without requiring technical skills.

Several automatic backup media possible: external hard drive, NAS, tape, Cloud ...

Maximum security: your data is backed up on secure external servers (if you opt for off-site storage).

Better information: backup and restore software alerts you in the event of a problem involving the integrity of your system, or in the event of an external attack.

An archiving function: the data is kept in a previous state which corresponds to a specific date.

Let’s add that there are several types of backups for your automatic backup - a point we will tackle right away.


4 - What are the criteria for choosing a backup software?

Let's finish this presentation of automatic backup by discussing the different criteria to take into account to choose your online backup solution. The main points of attention are:


The backup frequency (it depends on the number of employees and the volume of data to be saved).

The backup speed

The compatibility of the tool with your operating systems and your hardware (hard drive, server, Cloud).

The ergonomics of the interface (the tool must be easy to learn, especially for beginners).

The type of backup (full, incremental, differential, mirrored, per image).

Ease of recovery (the quality of the automatic backup is essential, but so is the simplicity and speed of data recovery).

It is crucial to choose the solution that precisely matches your business needs, as well as the nature, sensitivity, and volume of your data

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