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Date: 2021/07/19 17:17:35

                 Benefits of Press Releases for Your Business

The press is a powerful lever that attracts people. there are nearly 18,000 media outlets. Today, a television newscast has the power to bring together more than 6 million people in front of the screen.

These figures prove the strength and impact of the press among consumers.

This approach gives companies the possibility of communicating publicly about new products, about a service or a product, or about an event.

A media relations campaign conveys large-scale messages and reaches more people. for example, if you want to gain Japanese interest you should make a  Japan press release It's a real opportunity to reach new people.



Through the use of the media during a press release campaign, the content has more legitimacy. Indeed, according to the Edelman confidence barometer, 6 out of 10 people trust information disseminated by the media.

This rate is high when we compare this data to those of social networks which obtain a confidence rate of 40%.

A press release campaign gives companies the opportunity to enter the media editorial flow and thus benefit from credible and relevant exposure.

One of the advantages of this approach is that it is free. Businesses don't need to pay to appear in articles. The important thing is to grab a journalist's attention and make them want to write about your business.



Do you want to build awareness of your business, but you don't know how to go about it?

You don't have the budget to set up marketing actions?

Unlike advertising, a PR campaign does not require a budget. Companies should be aware that this approach only takes time to create relevant content.

If, however, if you want to gain Asian interests and you do not wish or cannot do it yourself, it is possible to delegate this mission to Topic News PR it can make an Asia press release and they have perfect offers.

The fees of this collaborator are much lower than the advertising rates.

In terms of production, companies must:

Write press releases for specific information

Write a press kit that presents the company as a whole

To have an effective press release campaign, pay attention to the quality of the message you send. Both in substance and in form, the approach must be relevant and intelligent.



A press relations approach allows companies to obtain quality backlinks. Thanks to the links that accompany the articles during online publications, the external linkage is powerful. 

In addition, the information taken from press releases remains online. Businesses increase their chance of being seen in internet user searches.


Implementing a press release campaign protects companies' reputations and strengthens their competitive advantage.

The development of digital technology and the speed of transmission of information that the Internet allows are inevitable.

Nowadays, businesses need the media to build their brand awareness and reputation. 

In the event of a crisis, an article in the press can help you improve your image. Advertising does not have this power.

A press release campaign can have many impacts on a company. It still has to be coherent, intelligent, and meaningful.

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