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Date: 2021/07/09 19:47:29

                                           About private health insurance

Taking care of our health and that of our family members is an issue that one cannot ignore.

Although in The US the public health service is good, the delay in the benefits and in the consultations should make us reflect on the advantages that Christian Health Insurance would entail, which in the event of unforeseen events and for a small amount of money provide us with fast and personalized attention.

But after this approach, a series of variables must be taken into account, such as the economic possibility of facing the expense that this entails, and the aggressive campaigns carried out by insurers with affordable prices, which even offer good prices with copays that lower the premium. and that entails that we have to pay part of the service.

Another element to take into account in private health insurance is that they do not treat illnesses prior to hiring, or if they do, it is by increasing the amount of the premium to a greater or lesser extent, since they do not admit the pre-existence of illnesses or pathologies that the patient must declare in the health questionnaire prior to hiring.

But, private insurance has a series of notable and notorious advantages by putting at our disposal a wide medical staff made up of a great diversity of medical centers and health specialists within the private health network in The US.


Other advantages are care without waiting lists, individualized room hospitalization, personalized attention, or the possibility of a second medical opinion. Some companies even have alternative medicine treatments that public medicine does not offer, such as homeopaths or acupuncturists.

With these variants and advantages, the health care of our family and our own must be duly studied, in addition to having the possibility of contracting private insurance with the recommendations of a counselor or mediator that helps you avoid situations that make us place ourselves in an unwanted scenario, such as not being attended to due to an undeclared background.


Hiring private health insurance has many advantages but also, you can configure the coverages and guarantees depending on the health care you need.

  1. Free choice of medical centers and professionals:
    Private medical insurances have a wide medical chart that allows you to choose the professional or specialist you want. This also creates a trusting relationship between doctor and patient.
  2. Innovative medical treatments and the latest health techniques:
    The treatments available to private health insurance are innovative and with complementary therapeutic options. In addition, the care is adapted to the medical needs of each person with access to all specialties, interventions, medical tests, and treatments.
  3. Agility in the procedures:
    Direct possibility of going to the specialist you want without having to be referred by your family doctor. In addition, the agility in medical procedures or analytical and diagnostic results stands out.
  4. Reduced waiting times:
    Less waiting in emergency departments and operating rooms. In addition, the waiting rooms are not usually overcrowded.
  5. More comfortable hospitalization:
    Possibility of having a single room for greater peace of mind and better recovery.
  6. Flexibility for your appointments:
    The availability of doctors and consultation hours are much broader, offering the patient the possibility of requesting their appointments adapted to their commitments.
  7. Compatibility with Public Health:
    You can combine visits or treatments from private medical centers and public medical centers.
  8. Coverage nationwide:
    Most likely, you will use your private health insurance in the centers located in your city, but if you need it, or are traveling, you can go to centers throughout the national territory.
  9. Dental insurance:
    Oral care with a wide variety of services included among the coverage of your health insurance.
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