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Date: 2021/06/22 11:36:49

                         Benefits of Automation in Manufacturing

Very often, we talk about automation in the electronics or automotive sector. But in recent years, machines have made a place for themselves in several industries such as manufacturing, transport, and the food industry. Often seen as a threat to the human workforce, industrial automation has many advantages.

What is industrial automation?

Industrial automation consists of the use of a motor production line that capable of reproducing human gestures for certain tasks. Although automation has been around for centuries, it has mostly been in demand since the 1920s in the automotive industry.

The purpose of this technique is to improve productivity and reduce the workload of employees. Gradually, it has spread to other sectors and the technologies used are more intelligent. The food industry is not left out in this area. Companies like have specialized in the supply of automated industrial equipment such as meat separating machines, boning machines, and bone separators.

Aware of the challenges of automation, professionals have gradually adopted the concept.

Why choose industry automation?

Faced with increased competition in all fields, it has become essential to take this major turn. In the food industry, automation is synonymous with profit and productivity.

Separating and boning machines: improving productivity

In almost all stages of the design of an agri-food product, machines can be of great help. Firstly, because they make it possible to increase production capacity. A machine can work faster and more precisely.

In the meat industry, for example, deboners and fat separators are very popular. Practical, ergonomic, and easy to use, these machines allow technical and precise movements to be carried out in a short time.

The technicians who will have to handle them will see a reduction in their workload. In addition, the processed meat retains all its quality. Automation also makes it possible to address issues such as the lack of manpower.

Indeed, there are trades that no longer attract young people and which are nevertheless essential. By using robots, a company saves time and money, ideal for increasing competitiveness.

Guarantee food security

With the current economic climate, food security is more than ever the main concern of the agrifood industries. Product recalls can be a huge loss to a business. To avoid this situation, a motor production line is one of the most appropriate solutions. The idea is above all to reduce human contact as much as possible. As the products are handled by automated industrial machines, the risk of contamination is reduced.

In addition, the less they are handled, the longer will be their conservation. By using sorting machines, you also have the assurance that no foreign object affects the quality of the food. From packaging to the casing, you will be guaranteed to have products that meet health standards. You will not only ensure consumer safety, but you will also protect your brand.

Industrial automation has proven itself in different industries. Coupled with artificial intelligence, its advantages will only be multiplied.

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