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Date: 2021/06/05 10:58:43

                                            How to Choose an Architecture

That's it, you have finally just met your 3 Archidvisor architects, the realization of your Architectural Model has never been so close and you will soon be able to start the work of your dreams. But now, it's time to make your choice and you are still hesitating on the architect you want to choose!

Don't panic, we give you all the leads to make the right choice and choose the architect who suits you!


The Feeling

The first essential point, the feeling! A project is a long human adventure, which requires investment, time, and money, so it is important to choose a person who inspires you with confidence. So, if from the first discussions, you have the impression that the architect fully understands your needs, if things are going naturally, without reservation, and in complete transparency, you may have just found the architect you need. !


The motivation of the architect

If there is one sign that does not lie during a meeting with an architect, it is his motivation. A motivated architect is an inspired architect! So, during this first interview, did he seem enterprising?

To show his involvement and his interest in your project, an architect will spontaneously offer you inspiration and be a force of proposal. Another point to note, if the architect comes back to you directly after the meeting, it is because he is really interested in working with you.

It is important for a successful project that all stakeholders are 100% invested, and first and foremost, the architect! Motivation is an essential point to take into account in your choice. Be careful though to communicate well with your architect. If you prefer the work of another, or if the project is on hold, it is absolutely necessary to communicate your choices to the actors who have committed their time and their motivation to your project.


The coherence of the architect 

Proposing ideas is good, but they still have to be consistent with your project and your expectations! You must therefore ensure that the architect has assimilated all your needs and constraints (planning in particular) so that he is able to meet them. The goal is to get Architectural Models that you like and meets your expectations. An architect who asks you questions takes notes and gets involved in your project by proposing relevant ideas has all the cards in hand to satisfy you!


The experience

The other key point to take into account is the experience of the architect. So should you prioritize experience at all costs in your choice? In theory yes, this will give you a guarantee, especially if the architect has shown you many reference projects that inspire confidence. In addition, a seasoned architect is used to working with many professionals, he has acquired over the years a network of choice, your project will therefore be carried out with competent and reliable professionals. An architect with experience is used to dealing with all situations and will give you expert advice.

But do not hesitate to give a chance to a young architect if he has convinced you. They are often enterprising and innovative. A less experienced agency will be all the more careful to pamper its first clients, as they will form the basis of their reputation. Involvement and motivation


The distance

For logistical and communication reasons, an architect located near your project will be able to carry out site monitoring of your work more easily and meet with you more often to give you an update on the progress of the project. In addition, a nearby architect will be used to dealing with the various professionals in the sector and in particular the administrative services of your sector, which is a huge advantage.

However, distance shouldn't be a barrier if you've met the architect of your dreams. Architects do not hesitate to travel several hundred kilometers to monitor projects and may even if necessary partner with a local agency to monitor the site.

The price

Price is of course an important criterion to take into account depending on your budget and the investment you are ready to make. However, calling on an architect is a profitable investment, indeed work carried out by an architect does not lose value and brings added value to your property.

You should know that the more expensive the architect's service, the more time the architect will have spent on the project. You will therefore have a better quality service. So, if one of the services offered by an architect requires a larger budget, but if this service appeals to you more, do not hesitate. Even if it means investing, you might as well invest in a favorite project!

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