Electric bikes: An expert guide on everything you need to know

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                     Electric bikes: An expert guide on everything you need to know

Electric bikes are increasingly popular, and it's not hard to see why. Offering the freedom of a bike with a little extra power, they easily replace all types of transport on short and medium trips. For leisure, they provide the extra power to take longer rides or ride places you never could have without assistance.

Today, here is an electric bike review presenting Good reasons to buy an electric bike for your daily trips or recreational cycling activity.


Of course, the electric bicycle offers a lot of similar advantages to the classic bicycle. But because of the power available immediately when pedaling, you will be able to cover greater distances and ride longer than you normally would. Or you could just walk the same route, but much faster.

E-bikes are also faster than most cyclists and, in some cases, cars. Although the engines of cars are much more powerful, the congestion of the roads is heavier and heavier which means that the slowdowns are too. With an electric bike, you can avoid traffic jams and get through traffic. 


According to a recent report from the Transportation Research Laboratory, conventional bikes leave the garage less than 25 times a year, 46% of which only come out once or twice a week.

In comparison, 30% of people with an electric bicycle use it once a day, and 81% of them use it at least once a week, which is huge. This means that e-bike users are twice as likely as “regular” cyclists to use their bikes regularly.


Because if you ride more, you put more physical strain on yourself, even if the electric motor helps you. Which is good news for the heart, lungs, and blood pressure! Finally, the electric bicycle, like any daily exercise, has a beneficial effect on the elimination of stress.

E-bikes are also great for people who like the idea of riding a bike, but feel they can't do it due to their physical condition.


An electric bicycle costs about the same as a conventional bicycle from a maintenance point of view (for consumable parts such as tires, chain, and brake pads). Only the purchase of the electric bicycle itself remains more expensive than a conventional bicycle.

Either way, an electric bike is much cheaper on a daily basis than using a car and public transport, requiring: insurance, car maintenance, fuel, and a transport subscription card. public.

As for the cost of recharging the battery of an electric bicycle, it amounts to a few cents ... The calculation is very quickly done!


In addition to saving you money, pedelecs can also save you traffic jams and crowded public transport. The advantage of the 25km / h electric bike is that even if you have a motorized vehicle, you do not need a license, and are still allowed to use the cycle paths. Only speed bikes, VAE up to 45km / h require a license, insurance, and a license plate.

Since there is no need to pedal as much as on a regular bike, you will hardly sweat and will not need to wear special “sport” clothes. So you can get to work without getting sweaty and having to change your clothes when you arrive.


Most bicycle accidents on the road happen at intersections or roundabouts. This is often due to the fact that it takes a few vital seconds for a stationary cyclist to gain speed and clear the danger zone.

Having a small engine allows you to accelerate faster and therefore get out of the danger zone more quickly. For the same reason, you are also less likely to run a red light to "avoid losing accumulated speed". Finally, because you can more easily keep up with the traffic, fewer cars, buses, and trucks will have to pass you, which also means safer driving.


E-bikes prove to be very effective when it comes to tackling climbs. Equipped with multiple power levels to help you pedal, if you are faced with a particularly strenuous climb, you can simply increase assistance and climb the hill with ease.

This is one of the reasons e-bikes are increasingly popular with mountain bikers because they allow them to spend more time having fun downhill than tackling the climbs.


Having a motor to support you also means that e-bikes are great for countering all the things cyclists hate: headwinds and crosswinds.

The wind is always nice when it's behind you and pushing you, but when it throws you off balance to the side or breaks you, it can spoil your fun and can even be potentially dangerous.

By increasing the power of your engine, you will therefore be able to “stifle” crosswinds and headwinds.


Electric bikes are also ideal touring bikes. Larger-sized tires are standard and many have eyelets to allow for the installation of saddlebags and racks.

This means that traveling long distances will not only be more comfortable but also more manageable because once again this motor can be used to help you when the weight of your camping kit makes you want to stop. to rest your legs.


From the moment you kick the motor on, you'll find that every time you step on the pedals - depending on what level of assistance you're using - you'll have three, four, five, or even up to 10 pedal strokes. for the equivalent of a classic pedal turn. The feeling on an electric bike is very pleasant.

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