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Date: 2021/05/31 09:00:11

            Business Benefits of Hiring an SEO Marketing Agency

In this post, we tackle a fairly redundant subject for businesses and merchants: "Should I hire an SEO consultant or should I use an agency?" This is a legitimate question raised by businesses that have reached a certain level of maturity online.

So, what are the advantages of hiring an SEO agency?


1. The agency's experience

Agencies that work with multiple clients have the opportunity to test many strategies and tactics. They are thus better able to apply best practices and will save you time and money by providing you with tailor-made solutions. This means you will get better results faster!

Conversely, consultants at the advertiser may suffer from certain professional isolation that does not allow them to question these practices. In some cases, the consultant may even develop a false belief that no one can or will be able to help him or her in times of difficulty.

2. Beta agencies test solutions

Marketing or SEO agencies have quick access to new products and beta versions. Through these products, agencies can offer their clients access to the latest SEO trends. When Facebook Ads or even Google Ads launched, the competition was lower and the ROI was much higher. Being at the forefront of digital marketing trends is, therefore, a real asset.

3. Better marketing tools

Agencies generally have more advanced tools. Most businesses don't buy multiple tools to do the same type of job. For example, a company will not make both Ahrefs, SEMRush, MajesticSEO available to their team.

Agencies, on the other hand, often have a wide variety of tools at their disposal. This has more benefits than you might think. Each SEO tool tends to analyze situations a little differently, so you will get multiple reviews from the same website.

In addition, some tools are more or less efficient, depending on the areas. For example, it is not uncommon to see discrepancies in the volumetry data provided by Ahrefs and SEMRush. But be aware that if you limit yourself to one tool, you risk making decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete measurements.

Finally, for some companies, the combination of different licenses can have a significant impact on their marketing budget, which is not the case for an SEO Agency New York, since the tools are amortized across all clients.

4. Teams and training

SEO agencies employ enough people that vacations and sick days do not impact the business. Your agency will therefore always be available for you and will always be available to solve a problem or to give you its opinion. Whatever the issue, for example, a Google algorithm update, having a partner available all the time can make a big difference.

SEO agencies must constantly train their staff in the following areas: analysis of results, new best practices, and new tools.

Thanks to this continuous training, the teams master the latest innovations. Typically, in-house training only focuses on the brand or product offered by the company, and teams need to improve their skills on their own initiative.

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