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Date: 2021/05/19 07:25:14

                                     The Advantages of Using a Home Gym

Playing sports at home has two significant advantages. You can train whenever you want. And also, in the comfort of your home. It is then easier to find the motivation required to do even one hour of sport. No time wasted in transport, the gym comes directly to you. But how do you go about setting up a space dedicated to sport at home? What is the minimum area? Which material to choose from? Our experts answer your questions and share their best advice for designing and furnishing a home gym!


Our advice for setting up a home gym

Choose a space adapted to your sports practice!

Before you start buying equipment and reorganizing your apartment, think about the needs that your sport will create. The most suitable sports for practicing at home are fitness, gymnastics, and muscle building. You will therefore need to define a space large enough to perform large amplitude movements. In general, we recommend planning a minimum of 12 m². This will allow you to eventually place a cardio training machine (mat, static bike, elliptical, etc.). Then, it is necessary to know if your floor can, or not, to strong mechanical stresses. For example, some fitness classes consist of jumps, such as jumping jacks or jump squats. With the speed of the rebounds, the force transmitted by your body mass is increased tenfold. It is, therefore, necessary to think about the areas of your home where the soil would be the most resistant. In addition, the material itself brings an additional load. So, dumbbells weigh their own weight, but apartment bikes can weigh up to 100 kilograms. This is not negligible when you want to set up a gym at home.


Therefore, here is some key information allowing you to choose the best space for your sports area. Always choose a room on the ground floor if you can. In an independent house, the optimal configuration is ten square meters in a garage. Otherwise, opt for a space surrounded by load-bearing walls, including a lower level. If you live in an apartment, consider adding insulating floor mats to absorb shock and reduce the spread of noise.

Invest in quality equipment for your home gym!

Now let's talk about what hardware you might need. If you only do gymnastics, you won't need a lot of props. Indeed, yoga or pilates classes only require a suitable floor mat, and possibly elastic bands, or even a yoga block. These will allow you to find alternatives to classic postures in case you lack flexibility at your beginnings.

Most muscle-building exercises are performed at bodyweight. While it is possible to intensify workouts by increasing the number of reps or their overall duration, buying the Best rowing machines can make your job easier. Thus, we recommend the purchase of weights and machines. They come in the form of flexible bands, filled with sand. These can be positioned at the ankles, wrists, etc. Depending on the objective of the exercise performed. These weights take up little space in the layout of a home gym. And they will be enough to give you continuous progression. In fitness, the equipment is diversifying a little more. It is possible to use dumbbells of various weights, weighted balls, rubber bands, Swiss balls… Their use will depend on your training. If you are unsure of where to begin your equipment purchases, it may be a good idea to consult a professional. He will offer you a sports program and answer your questions during your sessions. He will also accompany you during training to avoid any injury.

Limit injuries by being accompanied by a sports coach!

The only downside to practicing sports at home is the lack of support during your sessions. When you are a beginner, the biggest fear is that of doing wrong and injuring yourself with an exercise seen on the Internet. In the gym, professionals would be available to help you if you wish. But they could also be busy with other customers… However, this is the only theory! Because it is possible for you to ask for the help of a sports coach so that he accompanies you in your sessions, directly at home.


Vary your physical activities, including at home!

Playing sports at home is the height of practicality and comfort. Just because you are at home doesn't mean the sessions have to be monotonous. Nothing prevents you from varying the sports, the exercises, your training music… All these elements help to keep the motivation to play sports. But sometimes it can be good to get some fresh air and some physical activity outdoors. Even more so if you work in a closed environment. So consider running on your days off or on weekends. It is also possible to do yoga sessions in a park if the season allows it. You will multiply the effects on your physical and mental form by varying your sports activities!

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