The Importance of Responsive Websites for Travel Companies

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Date: 2021/05/10 01:48:59

Due to its international aspect and the fact that it involves remote reservations, tourism is necessarily one of the most present economic sectors on the web.

As of 2016, 77% of American people have organized their trips online, and nearly 50% have actually booked their stay online. Globally, e-tourism (digital tourism) already represented more than 20 billion euros in 2017.

At the same time, Airbnb is the world leader in hotel accommodation, and Booking's turnover amounted to $ 15 billion in 2019.

In view of these considerations and in view of these figures, one thing is clear: creating a tourism website is imperative for all professionals in this sector.

How to create a tourism site?  

To launch your tourism site, you need a web design tool that allows you significant management autonomy, great ease of creation, and sufficient customization possibilities. All at an affordable price, of course. It is for all these reasons that we believe that online software like ours fully meets the needs of a tourist establishment.

Tourism website creation: the advantages of a website builder  

A  Travel booking plugin allows you to get started on the web:

  • Without the intervention of a third party: you manage your site completely independently.

  • For free, or for a very affordable price: for example, you can build a professional site for 99  $ / yearly on our platform.

  • Even if you don't know anything about web development: a website builder like ours allows you to create a site, simply by using a computer mouse.

  • By being accompanied and supported by a competent team.

Creating a tourism website: the essential requirements  

In the USA, in 2017, tourism gained third place in the e-commerce market, behind textiles and culture. Whether you manage a b & b, a guest house, or even a restaurant or a cultural site, today the presence of a professional site on the net has become almost essential. Your tourism site must meet several basic prerequisites:

  • Promote your services,

  • Describe the information inherent in your offer,

  • Allow your customers to contact you for information easily or a reservation,

  • Inform them of the various useful links.

Create the home page of your tourism website  

Your home page is the most important of your tourism site. It must be attractive and make your visitors want to stay on your site. For it :

  • Use beautiful images and compelling words.

  • A video can also be very attractive. You will be able to add a film, illustrating the beautiful landscapes or the leisures of your region, or a visit of your museum, your lodging or your apartment to rent.

  • Work on your value propositions: it can be an engaging text like “Your vacation starts here” or “Join our paradise”.

  • And don't forget to insert your call-to-action buttons (“Book now”, “Download our brochure”), right on the home page. These must be positioned clearly and clearly visible.

How to make an effective tourism site? A website that invites you to travel  

You know better than anyone that a tourism website should be an invitation to travel.

It should make visitors dream, but also, of course, have an ultra pragmatic dimension: allow simple and rapid access to information, and facilitate reservations and making contact.

Create an e-tourism site: provide the essential information  

On your tourism web page, you will always have the most important information first, i.e .: above the waterline (= what is visible before the user needs to scroll).

Keep in mind that the area at the top left is the most eye-catching area. The questions you need to answer in this area are: What is this site? What can I do about it? Will it be of use to me?

On your e-tourism site creation, you will include all the information you deem beneficial for your visitors, in relation to the organization of their stay. For example :

  • Consider adding a location map to your tourism site: this will allow your customers to locate you very easily. Inserting a Google Map will allow you to locate the location of your lodge easily, hotel, restaurant, museum, or guest house. You can also integrate bullet points, to indicate all kinds of useful addresses nearby.

  • Also remember to add links to the websites of cities and other tourist places near your establishment.

  • Provide information about restaurants, places to visit, cultural agenda, sports and leisure activities, etc.

  • You can also add a Weather Widget to your site, which will notify your visitors of the weather forecast for your area.


So, if you are a travel agency, don't waste any more time and contact Wp travel pro to design your own website.



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