Top Tips on How to Go from CNA to RN

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Date: 2020/09/04 11:56:25

Are you trying to advance your nursing career? Many aspiring nurses face a challenge of lack of money to pay for their associate's degree.  The cost of education has been the main reason why most people choose to start with a CNA course then later in advance to RN.

If you wish to advance your career and you’re already a CNA, then you’re advantaged because you can work as you further your education. One thing to note is that there will be several clinical works in the process. You should also prepare yourself for some licensing examinations before you get licensed as a registered nurse.

Meaning of CNA and RN

A certified nursing assistant is a person who gives basic healthcare services to patients. The certified assistance nurse usually works under the supervision of a registered nurse or even a doctor. For a person to qualify for the CNA course, he/she must be a high school diploma holder or any equivalent academic qualification.

RN stands for registered nurses. A registered nurse provides hand-on treatments to patients who have different medical conditions. A registered nurse is also responsible for administering medications while monitoring their patient’s progress. If you want to get more details about cna to rn, than you should go with this helpful site.

So how do you go from a CNA to RN?

Several ways will help you shift from CNA to RN. All you have to do is to choose the method that suits you best. For a person who is already a CNA, it's very easy to become an RN because you already have a CNA license. The good this is you also have a background on nursing education, and you probably know what is expected of you.

Below are some of the best education choices that will help you become an RN:

Choosing Your Educational Path

Get a BSN

If you're aiming at getting a better income and more job opportunities, then securing a Bachelor of Science and Nursing Degree should be the first step. Many BSN holders get higher wages, and they tend to be highly sought after.

Of course, you will be in school for about 4 years, but the benefits of BSN are worth the hustle. Most BSN holders have a guaranteed career growth over other nursing related courses.

Accelerated BSN Programs

Do you hold a degree in a different subject but would wish to join a BSN program? With your degree and a CNA Certificate, you can get a BSN within a year.

CNA To RN Bridge Programs

If you're looking for the fastest way of becoming a Registered Nurse, then this bridging program is definitely for you. What you have to do is to enrol in the CNA to RN program, and within a year, you will get an Associate Degree in Nursing.

The period for this bridging course is shorter because you already have the basic knowledge and the required courses. The knowledge you acquired in your CNA course will play a big role in the CNA to RN bridge program because you'll feel confident, making it very easy for you.

Advantages of CNA to RN Bridge Programs

The CNA to RN bridging courses is very common to most nursing students. Most students choose nursing bridging courses because:

They include other important courses

The bridging courses prepare students for the NCLEX-RN examinations.

The CNA to RN bridging courses covers broad topics.

Taking a CNA to RN bridging course is one of the ways of becoming a Registered Nurse quickly.

Finish Your Courses

No matter the educational path you chose to advance your career, you must complete the course. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bridge program or a BSN, you have to complete your studies for you to move to the next stage.

After completing your studies, you’ll be required to take more courses in subjects like:





Take Exams

After finishing your course, you’ll have to take an RN examination which will help you get an RN license. For you to become a licensed Registered Nurse, you must pass the NCLEX-RN examinations.

Get Your RN License

Every state has mandatory requirements that aspiring RN's should have. Having gone through every requirement put in place by the board of your state of nursing, you're now qualified to apply for RN jobs.

It will be easy for you to get the jobs because you already have working experience as a CNA. Having experience as a certified nurse assistant will avail more opportunities in your career.

Final Word

RN is the largest occupation in the healthcare sector. There are always opportunities available for you once you become an RN. Being a CNA, you have an advantage of acquiring experience while you continue with your studies to become a licensed registered nurse. Choose an academic path that suits well.

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