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Date: 2021/05/31 12:25:48

Escape from Tarkov  Beginner's Guide, Eft radar is brutal and the first rounds can quickly end in disaster without proper preparation. With these tips, however, you should get through the first steps halfway undamaged. Even if something does not work, stay calm and move on to the next round. Your chances of survival will increase with every match. One of the main maps which you have to perform tasks on is Customs. It’s important for newer players to learn this map, but it can be quite dangerous. There is Scav Boss which spawns on the map at two locations — the gas station and the dorms. High-level player squads often farm this boss for cash, so as a new player you should stay clear of the gas station or dorms for the first half of the round to make sure you aren’t going to run into the super-geared squads.

Tip 1: Be Ready To Die
What is that tip? Escape from Tarkov hardly forgives mistakes and you will not survive the first few laps.

Especially if you try it solo first, the game will do it for you. There is no HUD, but a bunch of buttons for the simplest information and not even the doors are easy to use.

Getting started is extremely hard and will take a lot of patience on your part. Stay tuned, play a few rounds, try to approach the gameplay very slowly, and then you will also get the first successes. But don't expect miracles in the beginning, but rather lethal shelling from an unclear direction. Recently-added medical items called the CMS (or Surgical Kit) and the Survival Kit have become an invaluable items in the game. Previously, when a limb reached zero health it was dead for the rest of the round and you had to limp your way to the extract point. These new medical item allow you to repair those dead limbs and heal them back up, giving you another chance at having a full round. The CMS is smaller and takes less time to use, but it leaves the repaired limb at lower health than the Survival Kit, which is bigger, takes longer, cures fractures, and leave the limb at a higher maximum hitpoint total.


Tip 2: Take A Close Look At Everything
What is there to see? In addition to the gameplay on the various maps, Tarkov also offers smaller elements that you shouldn't neglect.

Get an overview of the possibilities and push through all the menus. The following things can be discovered:

Your hiding place

Here you can build various devices and workbenches with which you can improve your soldiers.

Different dealers

There are several traders who offer ammunition, weapons or even consumables.

Your character

Get an overview of your inventory. Even with the Standard Edition, you already have a few useful Escape from Tarkov items that you can examine.

When you start the game for the first time, it takes 20 minutes before you can play a pillager, but more on that below. During this time you can familiarize yourself with the controls and take a look at everything.


Tip 3: Accept Orders From Dealers
What kind of orders are there? Quest play a significant part in getting ahead in Escape from Tarkov and are available from dealers.

The completion of a mission not only brings you experience points and money, but you also rise in the favor of the respective dealer and get a few items for the inventory.

At the start you can accept two orders:

Prapor debut

Here you should take out 5 scavengers on the customs premises and hand over 2 MP-133 shotguns to the arms dealer.

Bottleneck at therapist

The doctor wants you to find 5 Salewa first aid bags and then hand over 5 of these bags.

When your character rises in level, you unlock more and more orders and level the dealers, who then give you further advantages.

Tip 4: Write Down Important Control Elements
What is so important about it? At the start of a new game, learning the controls is the most important basis for being successful.

Tarkov offers a bunch of buttons for movement possibilities, postures, but also to get information that is hidden in other shooters in the HUD.

In addition, many keys are assigned twice. For example, if you want to change the fire mode of your current rifle, you press [B] by default. But if you only want to check which fire mode is currently activated, you have to press [B] + [Alt-Left].

So make a list of the most important buttons and place them next to your monitor. You will need it.


Tip 5: Play As A Scavenger
What are these characters? Scavengers (SCAVs) offer you the opportunity to get into a game without risk and still loot something for your account.

Your loadout, such as weapons, health, etc., are randomly determined and you spawn on one of the scav spawns on the map. So you can play the game as normal without having to be afraid of losing some of your stuff.

Especially at the beginning it makes sense to play a few rounds as a scav. The cooldown is 20 minutes after each round, but there's hardly a better way to get to know the game at the start.


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