What Should You Be Looking For in A Tie-Down Strap?

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Tying down your load before heading out to do a fun activity, like paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking - you name it - shouldn’t mean worrying about how you’ll  disengage your cargo when you get to your destination. Getting ready to move, or need  to haul items for work? Building something and need to secure a significant pile of  lumber?You’ll be needing some easy tie down straps. No one wants to be struggling in  the DIY store parking lot, and the last thing you want to be worried about is whether your  cargo is securely held in place. The best tie-down straps are reliable, easy-to-use, hold  your gear or load securely, and are simple to release. Traditional ratchet straps can  cause issues like binding, making them difficult, or even impossible to release. You won’t  want to get caught without a sharp knife to cut some loads free with some standard  ratchet straps. With FlipTite ratchet straps, that’s no longer an issue. But you don’t have  to take our word for it. FlipTite ratchet straps have been given rave reviews across a  variety of platforms, including https://www.fliptite.com/ and YouTube showing they are  the ultimate in easy to release ratchet straps. 

High quality tie-down straps should be made of strong, dependable materials you can rely on to hold up to a variety of loads, last a long time, and survive the elements. Details like rust-resistance, stainless steel parts, and closed carabiner systems are ideal. Rusting, in particular, can cause quite a few issues, so when seeking out tie-downs, make sure you’re keeping rust-resistance in mind, lest you end up with staining, compromised integrity, or strap failure. 

The primary goal of a tie-down strap is to hold your load securely. You’ll want straps that are not only easily tightened on the smallest loads but can accommodate heavier, bulkier, or awkward loads as well. The best way to guarantee your safety and security is with a ratchet strap that has reliable and easy-to-control tension. Many ratchet straps feature complicated buckle systems that can lose tension or come undone  fairly easily, causing the strap to fail. Not so with FlipTite utilizes a unique design that  makes tightening and releasing their buckles easy for even the most inexperienced  user, while assuring loads remain securely fastened when engaged. 

Most standard ratchet straps require detailed instructions or tutorials on how to weave their straps through the classic buckle designs in order to securely attach them. Who wants to read a detailed step-by-step when there’s adventures to be had? FlipTite ratchet straps feature an innovative design that’s far simpler to use. Design innovation and clear and concise instructions mean you can be confident that your goods are safely and securely stowed in no time - and use your FlipTite ratchet straps over and  over again without the worry of binding, accidental release, or damages to your goods or

vehicle. Want to see the simple genius in action? Check them out here: https://www.fliptite.com/videos 

Most of us consider ratchet and tie-down straps pretty standard gear. After all, cargo has been strapped down forever, right? Even the simple stuff benefits from innovation and creative problem-solving, as FlipTite clearly demonstrates. FlipTite has managed to solve all of the problems presented by traditional ratchet straps without adding any complications. Purely good design means you’ll be able to haul outdoor equipment, sports gear, and more without being concerned with elaborate weaving and buckling, binding, accidental releases, rusting, and so on. Check out FlipTite ratchet straps for the ultimate innovation in easy-to-use, easy release ratchet straps you can rely on.

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