An Overlooked Feature In Male Enhancement

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Date: 2020/11/26 11:20:42

The ability to ejaculate in massive volumes is an overlooked part of male sexuality. This assertion is neither bogus nor erroneous. These have been supported with evidences over the years. Men focus mostly on the ability to produce harder and durable erections but little did they know that focusing on other aspects of male sexual enhancement can complete a cycle of a very fulfilling sexual life, not only for the man but for his partner as well. 

I would like to start the analysis one step at a time. Whenever you ask a man how does he think a man can make his female partner sexually happy, the most frequent responses are to have hard erection that last long enough to satisfy her and of course to have a big dick. Almost none will ever think about dowsing her with massive ejaculate volumes. Women love it and some even claim that such actions make them even more aroused.

In one of her many lectures, the famous marriage and family therapist Dr. Marcela Fernandez stated that women are more attracted to men who can produce more ejaculate volumes due to the inborn instinct of females in choosing a fertile partner in order to bring forth offspring which brings us to one of the major advantages of the ability to ejaculate more.

Increase Of Fertility In Men

It is a known fact that men who produce scanty volumes when they ejaculate have fewer chances to get a woman pregnant as opposed to those who can really deliver. It is also believed in medical circles that the ability to deliver substantial amount also can mean that the sperm cells or spermatozoids are healthy and motile. This is another prove that translates to increased male fertility factor.

Increased Pleasure During Intercourse

The climax of a good intercourse is when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates. That is when the man experiences the pleasure of a sexual encounter. If the woman climaxes at the same time as the man, then the pleasure is both ways. The best is when both partners climax at the same time making the sexual encounter a very fulfilling one. Mark you now. This is a personal opinion of this author. Other men might think differently but I am sure at least 70% of men will agree with me. 

Improved Sexual Performance

Most men are not aware of this but a man who can produce more ejaculate volumes can also excel in sexual performance. Various clinical and medical studies have shown and proven that men who are capable of what I already mentioned perform better than men who are not. Among the aspects of better sexual performance are solid erectile functions, durability in sexual activities which means lasting longer than the usual man and prevention of premature ejaculation which is one of men's most dreaded afflictions besides erectile dysfunction.

These are by no means the only advantages a man has simply by being able to release better than his male peers. There are surely other advantages which may be peculiar to certain groups of men. 

Now that we know the advantages and have concluded that men don't pay more attention to it, we may as well start to ask ourselves questions about how we can improve on the present status. What to do to be able to release massive amounts of ejaculate volumes? 

How To Increase More Ejaculate

I would like to take this as a medical or health situation. When a man fails in anything that relates to natural living, I consider that to be a cause for alarm. Certainly something is missing somewhere and there is a remedy somewhere but we or the person affected has to know what those same remedies are as well as how and where to find them. We will be getting there in a minute.

Prevent Dehydration. Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration is no man's friend. Many medical conditions have been attributed to this silent killer. The human body is made up of roughly 70% of water. That level has to be maintained in order for the human body to function normally. When that level drops, that indicates something has to be looked into. When the body's moisture falls below certain generally accepted minimum, then the man should be worried and should seek help as soon as possible.

Ejaculates are fluids and the more water we have in our body, the more the body can produce more seminal fluid which in turn leads to increased bodily production of seminal volumes.

Nutrition Can Help

Believe it or not, many health issues can be avoided by having the right and healthy nutrition. A friend of mine once said that proper nutrition can drive off all human health issues. While I agree with him when I think deeper, I am not ready to go that far because nothing is perfect. Yes. Nutrition can definitely help men to increase the amount of ejaculate they release when they have intercourse with their partners.

Natural Resources That Can Increase Male Sexual Performance

We are coming slowly but surely to the end of this article and have reserved the best things for the end. As a person, right from my youth, I have been taught that getting things the natural way is always the best. Over the years, I have come to realize that it is true. I have been consuming these uncultivated fruits right from the bushes around my village and eating these veggies that I believe don't even have a scientific name only to find then listed in scientific journals as ingredients contained in supplements that can increase ejaculate volumes. You can imagine how surprised and interested I was.

I would like to be a little biased here. I have eaten a lot of herbs because that is just where I come from. I have used many herbal supplements because I believe in naturally given medicinal resources and have abided with the rules of nature. As far as the topic of this article is concerned, I would say that Ginkgo Biloba is effective in preventing premature ejaculation. I think most male sexual enhancement supplements have it as one of their most prominent ingredients.

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