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To: Harvard-University
Date: 2021/09/21 07:49:08

Ensuring that each individual at birth has a special identification, and that such Las Palmas civil registry is then attached with easier and better access to critical public services such as health, education, financial services and social welfare is now a rising priority in many nations. Latest electronic systems for Civil Registration and Vital statistics can support make this process more effective and efficient. Yet, most low-income nations still just use paper records for the registration of deaths, births, divorces and marriages. Retrieving birth registration records, issuing a twin copy of a birth certificate or sharing civil registration data with other match agencies can be ineffective and time wasting with paper-based systems.

What drives country decisions on CRVS systems?

There are lots of factors that play into country decisions to pick when establishing new CRVS systems. One is whether to build a customized system or to buy off-the-shelf CRVS program that can be individually configured. The benefit of the tailor-made program is that it can be built according to particular needs based on the country context, but there are some issues. It may take years to build, needs hiring highly-skilled program developers, and it may be uncertain until it is done whether it will actually job as planned. With commercial off-the-shelf CRVS program, officials have the chance to examine accessible software systems on the market that have already been filed tested and are functional in order to pick one that top meets the needs of a country’s CRVS system or and that country or area can afford to buy.

Another area of worry that governments generally have is vendor lock-in – where they are dependent on a one vendor to handle systems. Governments should make sure that mitigation measures are added in the program vendor contract, so that they have the right to test the structure and agree to buy it only when happy that the software will work and that they forever have unrestricted access to the data, which should be encrypted, so that 3rd parties cannot have access to confidential civil registration records.

Advantages of civil registration

The advantages of higher rates of civil registration are not restricted to the individual; countries need to know how many people are die and born each year to safeguard individual’s right to establish a legal identity from birth, to be saved from exploitation and violence, to access social services, and inheritance. The accessibility of granular and full data is real to produce important statistics for better local and national monitoring and planning. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the important of vital statistics, mainly on deaths and their causes.

End words

Awareness programs; pertaining to process and advantages of death and birth registration; needs to be conducted in both urban and rural areas. The frontline workers should be trained to provide excellent services. Infrastructure strengthening by continues power supply, better building condition, trained and dedicated human resource and establishment of internet system with installation of system are essential for the success of the CRS.

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