The Communist Manifesto Pdf

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Date: 2021/07/24 00:16:40

The Communist Manifesto Pdf is the Digital e-Book edition of the popular communism ideology written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, which formed the basis of the modern communist movement.

In this political book, Karl Marx presented the rival economic system to capitalism that advocates equality among all the classes of the nation.

He described how capitalism is exploiting the grievances of the labor class and what could be the better system to replace it.

All the political ideas shared by Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto gave birth to the Communist Movement.

Later on, this movement spread to many parts of Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Karl Marx is regarded as the father of communism and he presented his political theory in his book the communist manifesto Pdf.

After its publication in 1948, Communist Manifesto was translated into several European languages and his ideology and political thoughts were widely welcomed by the labor class of Europe.

All the past and modern communist parties in the world are staunch supporters of the ideology presented by Karl Marx in this book.


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