Music And Entertainment Heals The Body And Soul

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Date: 2021/06/25 03:13:03


Music is one talent God has blessed the world with and it obviously has no comparison, music as an instrument is a healer of pain, both body and soul. With songs one can get over worries from any angle of life, it plays a remarkable role in our daily lives.

The fact here is that music in any form whether video or mp3 download songs affects our emotions, it can get us in any mood being it good or bad but most of the times good mood due to its healing powers. It is powerful to the fact that even the heavenly dwellers enjoy it much, hope you know even God appreciates it when you sing praises to him.

Sounding so interesting, A tune can make you feel happy, excited, disconcerted or even heartbroken. “Music is an incredibly complex stimulus—the most multifaceted in nature for the brain to process,” says music therapist Tim Ringgold, MT-BC, director of Sonic Divinity Music Therapy Services in Orange, California. Listening to music involves several regions of the brain, including those that affect emotion, cognition, sensation and movement. So it stands to reason that it could also help treat issues in all those areas.

The common idea that songs can have therapeutic powers dates back to early civilization, where it can be founSd in the writings of ancient philosophers Aristotle and Plato. Music therapy developed as a formal practice in the wake of World War I and World War II. Doctors treating hospitalized veterans noticed their patients improved both physically and emotionally following concerts by community musicians.

Amongst all, African songs have played many important and unique roles in the music industry and in our lives in general. These days, African songs have travelled so wide that the foreign people enjoy it even more. This is as a result of good music and people fall in love with it due to its unimaginable healing powers.

However, song in any nature of it, whether it’s being listened to or performed, can be magical as it can help relieve the pain associated with a wide range of ailments, and it benefits people of all ages. Music therapy is an effective method of what experts call “procedural support,” or helping a patient get through a procedure that is anxiety- or pain-producing.

Having said this, it can be put into confirmation that some of our top musical artists globally have helped in saving the world through their good works in the music sphere. The same with those of our entertainers in the movie industry and co, this genre of people have contributed a lot in our well being.

Not to be left aside is how much Naija songs have changed our life and made life seem easier in some aspects. The likes of some top Naija artists and their songs have helped much in healing our souls. Now, doctors treating hospitalized veterans noticed their patients improved both physically and emotionally following concerts by community musicians.

It happens to occur this way because many of the pathways the brain uses to process music are the same as the ones that process pain. So if the brain is focused, for instance, on the melody of a Mozart concerto, there won’t be much room left to relay the pain messages coming from a needle stick. Tunes can also help you relax and feel less anxious.

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