Save Thousands of Studio Hours with ProductionCrate's FREE Modular Visual Effects and CG Toolkits!

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Date: 2021/05/21 10:35:01

If you are someone who creates movies, animations, online videos, or games you have likely heard of the fantastic free resouce know as ProductionCrate, but if not get ready to Make it Awesome!

ProductionCrate is the webs favorite time-saving online resource for filmmakers, video producers, and game developers offering a massive selection of ultra-high definition stock visual effects, motion graphics, 3D models, royalty free music, and more - with thousands of items 100% free to download! This content is built to be compatible with all types of movie and game rendering software and is very simple to use (just drag and drop in most cases), but their content is also flexible enough to be customized for use in a wide range of scenes and purposes.

A great example is their most resently released bundle to RenderCrate - their newest set of 60+ modular 3D road models, which can be pieced together seamlessly making building the foundations for entire 3D cities a snap! Previously that process would take countless hours of development time. This is a must have toolkit for all types of 3D creators to take their creations to the next level.

All their original stock effects are either CG rendered by Hollywood pros in house (using lossless HD codecs - up to 8K HD) or shot on scene with high quality RED cameras, high budget shoots, and with professional cinematographers. Their aim is to make the impossible scenes that used to just be dreamable possible for everyone. This massive collection is provided to save end users thousands in production costs as well as countless hours in production.

Much of the productioncrate libraries are completely free to download (you only need to sign up for a free account and then can get 5 free assets each day). Users who upgrade to their Pro package get full access to ALL their content with up to 50 downloads per day. That top-tier package for individuals is currently offered at a rate that anyone can afford at less than 7 dollars per month!

Here is a quick list of their sections to learn more about this fantastic time saving resource for digital creators.

FootageCrate - Free Effects, (HD VFX and Motion Graphics)

SoundsCrate - Royalty Free Music, and HD SFX (WAV and MP3 available)

GraphicsCrate - HD Graphics and Stock Textures (Ultra high definition PNGs with Alpha)

RenderCrate - 3D Models and Materials for 3D rendering engines and game developers.

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