The Ultimate Guidelines on Covid-19 That You Must Know

To: Harvard-University
Date: 2021/05/20 15:34:11

WHO continues its attempts to combat the current pandemic as COVID-19 spreads over the world. Beyond the front page headlines, WHO continues to work with its partners and donors to assist nations in preventing, testing for, and treating the virus. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, our top goal has been to help and protect the most vulnerable people, those who are most socially exposed, and those who are on the front lines of the virus's struggle.


We have mobilized unprecedented resources to better protect people from the virus, to assist the most vulnerable populations, and to help us get through this catastrophe with the least amount of damage possible. It is critical to preserve crucial health services. Not only must we minimize COVID-19-related mortality, but we must also reduce mortality from vaccine-preventable diseases and other curable disorders, which can arise when health services are overburdened. As they actively respond to COVID-19, WHO will continue to support countries in the Region in implementing key WHO principles on preserving vital health services. There is no other way rather than being more Effective against Covid.


We must also maintain our health. Take care of your mental health and be a good friend to others. During a crisis, it's natural to feel unhappy, stressed, puzzled, terrified, or angry. Getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthily, avoiding hazardous substances, and maintaining close contact with family and friends are all effective coping tactics. Especially at the subnational level, across borders, and with mobile people, agility and creativity will be critical. Responders in low-transmission zones must concentrate on locating and isolating all cases, providing appropriate care, and tracking, quarantining, and supporting all contacts. They must aggressively slow and reduce sustained transmission to manageable clusters, for which they may explore restoring physical separation measures in a way that minimizes harmful consequences.


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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is our time's defining global health problem and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. The virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica since its discovery late last year in Asia. Every day, more cases emerge in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Testing and treating patients, doing contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and canceling large gatherings such as athletic events, concerts, and schools are all being done in an attempt to slow the spread of the disease.


We are all learning to live with the safeguards that are required to help stop COVID-19 from spreading. The myths evolve in lockstep with the infection. Many people disagree on whether you can get COVID-19 after recovering from the virus and whether wearing a mask is effective. What exactly is the point of wearing a mask? Many Americans' brains are still boggled by this question as we continue to travel, go to the grocery store, and visit our loved ones while the illness is still spreading. When COVID-19 hit its height in early March, there was some debate about whether or not the general population needed to wear masks.

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