Why Generation Y?

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Date: 2021/05/08 10:09:34

How can you break the "Y" barrier and gain loyalty within the 'whatever' generation? Your future may depend on it.

With approximately 76 million 'Millennials', as they're called, in the U.S., Gen Y is the largestgeneration in U.S. history. Gen Y is the "Net Generation"--they are the first to grow up immersed in this digital and Internet-driven world. Technology is their friend and they can't live without it. It's not a choice, so become their friend. Why? Today's marketing terrain has a new landscape. Marketers targeting Gen Y need to revamp their lead generation campaigns to fit all interactive formats--Internet, mobile phones, podcasts, SMS, wireless networks, digital TV, etc.

Defining Generation Y

Keep these key characteristics in mind:
• Diverse
• Individualistic
• Optimistic
• Realistic
• Multi-taskers
• Forward-thinkers
• Tech-savvy

Breaking the Barrier: Clever Marketers Create An Experience. How?

To generate leads, marketers need to think like Gen Y and forge stronger connections with consumers that go beyond the functional. Providing memorable experiences and involving these screenagers will improve your response and conversion rates.

This Net Generation is marketing and media savvy, and much less brand loyal. They are verbally and visually sophisticated, creating a language convergence that marketers must learn, quickly. Generation Y has heard all the marketing spiel before, many times, and they see right through marketing messages. With information at their fingertips, marketers must translate their marketing messages, and build cool and sophisticated brands with Gen Y and market it through them, or else marketers will get the cold shoulder. Gen Y gravitates to socially desirable brands.

How do you stand out in the explosion of media directed at Generation Y? Just ask to Stark Global Services. Marketing techniques, such as grassroots tactics, they say, will put your brand message at the forefront. Creating a compelling experience that grabs Gen Y's short attention span in literally seconds is a must. Most Millennials are visual learners or doers. Let them experience your brand. Connect with Generation Yers through lead generation campaigns that take advantage of social networks in the virtual sense, interactive and interpersonally. Let Gen Y stumble onto your brand. The trick is to be where they are, whether that is online, at concerts, at the movies, etc. The reality is some of the biggest brands, like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, are being promoted at these places, so why not stick your brands and lead generation campaigns where the big boys are? Gen Y is everywhere and they're waiting.

The Leadstream, which focuses on lead generation and media buying across all consumer segments, enhanced its marketing schematics to appeal to Generation Y. They recently installed several kiosks at a large retailer that caters to Generation Y. The kiosks have a high-end game console for Generation Yers to play with a chance to win a product from the retailer. The interactive, virtual and fun campaign is very compelling, drawing tens of thousands of Generation Y consumers. Highly-educated Generation Yers will always question. Do you blame them? They are, after-all, Generation "why."

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