Important Tips to Buy Apartment in Istanbul

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Ltd in the nrthwtrn part of Turkey, Istanbul is the only t in the wrld that n tw ntnnt with constantly evolving mltn rrd. Frm nnt rhttur to ntmrr buldng, frm muthwtrng mz to magnificent mu, it ffr a dzzlng rr of ulturl xrn. Istanbul is ndrd as an mlgmtn of the mdrn and old t as well as Mdtrrnn and Ilm mixture of cultures in an ngrng tmhr.

The unu attractions of the t are what make it an dl dtntn for real estate nvtmnt. Evr since the government mlfd the property purchasing and rwrk r, Istanbul h wtnd a significant increase in hung sales. Recent data frm the Turkish Stttl Inttut (TurkStt) rvld that a ttl of 106,311 properties were sold in Istanbul in the first urtr of 2020.

If you are ntndng to buy a property in Istanbul, you nd to tk many factors into consideration that wuld help you dd whn and where should you invest. Lt’ du those t here.

Things to ndr when bung real estate in Istanbul

1.Property selection

Chng the rght apartment and real estate is not always easy. You nd to ttl on a particular grund and knw whether you wll live in the property you buy, u it as an nvtmnt, or simply rent it out. Sttng your objectives trght wll not nl v you frm spending a lot of time in property huntng but wll also ensure that it fits your need.

Whn you are ntng a potential flat, vrf that the hu h a ttl deed and all the bll are d if it w previously wnd b someone else. You should l hk if the structure is rthuk resistant and is ud with n-t mnt. Bfr you urh, it is crucial that you knw vrthng but the property and the r urrundng it should be up to your lkng.

2.Buying a completed or an ff-ln apartment

The number of real estate rjt h rntl xndd in areas such as Baclar, Kthn, Beylikdüzü, Maltepe, Günl, Fatih, Bahcesehir, Bhçlvlr, and Esenyurt. Th areas represent rnt urbn dvlmnt and expansions in Istanbul.

Whn you are planning to buy a property, decide if you wnt to nd your money on bung a completed or an ff-ln rjt. Whl rd-t-mv apartments will be utbl for bur with urgnt housing nd, an under-construction rjt may be a good h for nvtmnt.

Off-ln apartments hv grtr hn of gnrtng good ROI and profits on your nvtmnt in a hrt n of time. Moreover, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality h md a mndt for construction dvlr to fnh rjt in the scheduled time frame and specifications. It is, thrfr, a f investment t with rfund ulturl and economical bnft.

3.Chk all your options

Most foreign citizens are rmttd to buy property in Istanbul, hwvr, it is gu to first run a nt hk with your nultnt bfr making a dn. Once you have vntull ltd what kind of apartment you are lkng for, explore your nghbrhd and all the options available rund it. Thr m be numru flt for sale in the rfrrd location but your real estate consultant will gud you thrugh the dl mth.

Tr to mk a property visit in person to rtn that the apartment lk exactly as advertised. If you really dr the place, m with an n mind and xlr some thr homes bfr mkng a fnl urh.

4.Opt for the right neighborhood

No mttr who or where you are, Istanbul lw mng to capture our hearts. Ggrhll ltd on a grn hll lnd btwn Mrmr and Black , the mbntn adds to the n beauty of the t with jaw-dropping natural views.

Istanbul’s nghbrhd is also dtnt frm one nthr and the real estate r rng varies rdng to the locality. It is best to tk a t tur to dd where you wish to live, whthr it’s a grgu villa in Mlt or a mdt apartment on the An side. The Prn Islands are l a part of Istanbul and ffr an idyllic lftl w frm the hutl of the t. Rmmbr that the ffrdbl rrt are always ltd on the utkrt of the city and get mr expensive in exalted nghbrhd.

5.Cndr the size of your apartment

Being the nml and mmrl tl of Turkey with a d-rtd history, Istanbul h lw bn an ideal nvtmnt destination for nationals and mmgrnt.

Hvng a rlt xttn is the rux of hvng nrhng nvtmnt goals. Some real estate buyers m to Istanbul with high h for bung the best property at a lower r whh might rarely happen but can’t be a rule.

Thrfr, hng the right size of your flat would mlf your lftl without drilling deep hl in your pocket. If you can jut afford a flat wrth $50,000, you should not vrburdn your finances with a lvh urh. A lt of young buyers and small fml with lmtd resources prefer nominal and smaller hung, l to their workspaces.

Whn ltng to buy apartment in Istanbul, tk nt consideration that smaller flt are mr dmndd when uttng ut for sale or rnt.

6.Undrtndng the burur

After u’v finalized your property, the lt yet rul t is to face the bururt d of thng and sign the proverbial dttd ln. At th stage, tutn m get a little tricky as you nd to verify if your introspected apartment mt all the lgl requirements. Mk sure that you are entirely wr of the local laws and real estate rgultn to mv hd in the right direction. You may also unt urlf with the guidance g of The Rubl of Turkey Ministry of Frgn Affr and k help frm a lgl dvr before trntng the funds.

Make your wn blueprint

Whether you are an immigrant, investor, or a gnun bur with urgnt needs, you should be wr and rful before mkng real estate decisions. Ensure that your apartment is in l proximity to mtr and hghw. Choose a property that h butful views frm the location. Ot for the rght flat size and rt area and if you are willing to sell ftr a few r, mk mll and fr nvtmnt. Chk the vlbl tn in your rfrrd nghbrhd that rghtfull fits your budgt and xttn.

If you are ntrtd in buying real estate in Istanbul, the xrt at Maximos Real Estate will walk you thrugh multl rjt tailored to lftl requirements.

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