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Sex dolls have been around for a very long time and were first created by Dutch sailors on long voyages. At the time, women did not go with them on these voyages, and they had to find different ways to deal with sexual tension. They created sex dolls out of old clothes, which they used for masturbation. They sold these dolls during the Rangaku period (1641-1851) to the Japanese, who called them Dutch wives. Sex dolls were not a preserve of the Dutch and Japanese; many seafaring cultures had sex dolls that men used during long sea voyages for masturbation.

During the 1900s, sex dolls became more popular, and in 1918 an Austrian artist commissioned a doll of Alma Mahler, who he had fallen in love with. By the 1970s, doll makers were using materials like silicone, latex, and vinyl to create their dolls.

Today, you can purchase sex dolls that look and move exactly like a real woman. You can pose her for pictures, have sex in your favorite positions, and she is always in the mood. The use of silicon in sex doll manufacture ensures their skin feels like a real woman's skin. If you love elves, you can have your elven princess play with in your home.

Why Buy Elf Sex Doll?

An elf sex doll brings your fantasies to life. No one has met an elf in real life, but they are some of the sexiest creatures Hollywood has brought to life. You will never have a chance to have sex with Tauriel from the Hobbit, but you can make your fantasies come true by having a Tauriel sex doll customized for you.

You can have your doll customized to your preferences. Buyers can choose eye and hair color, as well as the size of the boobs. You deserve to enjoy sex, and if you fantasize about elves, you can get an elven sex doll to make those fantasies a reality.

Benefits of Purchasing an Elf Sex Doll

Here are some of the benefits of buying an elf Sex doll.

  • Make Your Fantasies A Reality

As mentioned above, sex dolls can help you make your private fantasies come to life. They bring to life the women you would not have met in real life, such as elves from your favorite TV program. An elf sex doll is one of the best ways to experience mind-blowing sex with a mythical creature and ensures you feel fabulous.

  • Try Different Sex Positions

If there are sex positions you have been dying to try, but no woman wants to do them with you, or you are single. You can make them a reality using your elven sex doll. Sex dolls have a stainless steel skeleton that makes it possible to bend them in various positions.

You can develop your skill in having sex in these positions and try them with a real woman if you like. Bear in mind that modern sex dolls are made with high-quality material, which means they look and feel life-like. You will find the experience very satisfying.

  • Always Available For Sex

In relationships, one partner has higher sex drives. Your female partner may be tired, have a headache, or need to catch up on work when you want to get intimate. An elven sex doll will not have headaches and is always ready to have sex with you. You can have sex with them in various sex positions and use them until you are fully satisfied.

  • Helps with Heartbreak

Elf sex dolls can help you heal your broken heart because they have no demands and only offer love. Unlike real women, they will take what you give them without complaining. They can help you transition into your next relationship by providing a companion when you are most lonely.

That way, you will not make your pain worse by getting into a rebound relationship with a real woman. You can also talk to your elven sex doll about your problems, and she will not answer or judge.

FAQs for Elven Sex Dolls

  • Can I use my elf love doll in the shower?

Yes, you can use your sex doll in the shower but make sure that you dry her before storage.

  • Can I dress my best elf sex doll?

Yes, you can dress your sex doll in any style you like. You can put her in elven warrior costumes, princess costumes, or even jeans and a t-shirt. That said, avoid putting her in very tight clothes as those may damage the materials.

  • Should I use lube during sex with my sex doll?

Yes, make sure that you use lubricant every time you have sex with your elf love doll to ensure you do not hurt your dick. Choose water-based lube because it is easier to clean after having sex with your elven sex doll.

  • How should I store my sex doll?

You can store your best elf sex doll upright in your closet, in its delivery container under your bed, or set it on your bed. It is crucial to bear in mind that leaving your elf love doll in one position for a long time can damage some parts, such as flatten the buttocks.

  • Where can I buy the best elf sex doll?

You can buy elf real dolls on the sexndolls.com/collections/elf website. They have the best elf sex doll collections to satisfy all your desires. They also offer customization options.

  • What is a sex doll vagina like?

Sex dolls come with either an inbuilt or removable vagina. The inbuilt vagina cannot be removed and is like a real woman's vagina. The removable vagina can be removed for cleaning and reinserted when you want to have sex with your elf love doll

Tips and Tricks

Do Not Share Your Sex Doll

It is not advisable to share your elf real doll with other people as that exposes you to infections.

Clean Your Doll After Use

Clean your doll after use to enhance its longevity and to protect you from bacterial infections. If the elf real doll is not cleaned after use, especially in the vaginal area, it may start to smell.

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