How to create your eBay account?

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Date: 2021/03/20 11:40:34

If you have already made the decision to venture into buying or selling online, first of all, create an account on eBay. Whether you are a casual customer or salesperson or if you are looking to undertake a constant visit, register as a user. Whatever eBay mode you are thinking of using, then I will show you step by step how and where to register.

On the other hand, and in addition to the registration procedure, it is time to fully investigate the functions of your service. Where we will provide you with the best recommendations and directions on how to start shopping. Visit for more info ebay peru.

Login to EBay

The first thing to do is enter the eBay platform using your preferred web browser. Or, click here: Are you on the general platform? Don't worry, you can access the Peru site from there. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "EBay Sites" to display the sites of all available countries.

Not from Peru? Do not go, this guide can also help you. However, before proceeding make sure to log into the EBay platform for your country.

Register by completing the form

To proceed with the registration, click on where it says " register ", located just below the EBay logo and below the browser bar. Complete the form with the requested information: name, surname, email and password. Then, click on "Create account" to complete the registration and be redirected to the home page.

Remember that, by clicking on create account, you automatically accept the conditions of use and privacy policy of the platform.

Sign up and log in with your Google or Facebook account

EBay is flexible with regard to registration and login options. Therefore, to continue and use their services, you can access from a Facebook or Google account. Therefore, the data from the Facebook or Google account will be used to create an EBay account.

To register, enter the registration option and next to the form click on the preferred option. Next, a sale will pop up that will ask us to log in with the selected account. Then, EBay will ask for your consent to open an account using the account details. If you agree, simply click on "Create account" to be redirected to the home page.

How do I log in? Simple. Enter the eBay platform and click on "Login". Then use one of the preferred login options: form (registered EBay account in the previous step), with Facebook or Google. Of course, to log in with a Facebook or Google account it is necessary to have created an account with those accounts.

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