Why should you visit Nepal once in a lifetime?

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Nepal is a small peaceful country surrounded by high mountains and the Himalayas supported by the intense flora and fauna level. Nepal is a beautiful country home to Mount Everest, and it is the highest peak in the world. The Geographical structure of this country is unique, and visiting there feels like going beyond heaven. 

Likewise, after Mount Everest, there are more than 8 tallest mountains of the world with outstanding views, and the surroundings are supported by good weather and satisfying climatic condition. Nepali is a landlocked country which India borders in the south and China in the north. 

This country is something like a favorite destination for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Nepal is filled with spiritual energy and home to more than 40 different ethnic groups, which shows that there are various foods, languages, musical inspirations, and religions.

Nepal is a Pleasant country to drench you into the diverse culture, saying goodbye to your convenient atmosphere. Moreover, numerous world heritage sites are located in Nepal, signifying Nepal's incredible history and importance. 

These world heritages attract many people from all over the world and form every corner of the world. These sites add to this delightful country's cultural attraction, supported by numerous monasteries, temples, and holy places to visit. Likewise, Nepal is one of the safest destinations in South East Asia. 

People here are friendly, and their thinking and hearts are filled with positivity and good intentions. You can easily communicate with the people living in Nepal. Nepal is a tourism country, and people living here often deal with foreign tourists and travelers reasonably. So, many people from all over the world likely to visit Nepal more than once time.

 As mentioned above, the locals are super friendly and are hospitable, giving you enough inference to put a smile on your single dial. Moreover, Nepal is a beautiful country that is known for plenty of adventurous activities as well. From rafting to paragliding, from trekking to bungee jumping, everything is standard here in Nepal. 

In 2021 you can also enjoy mountain biking and dirt ridings with your friends. There are more than 1000 hidden trials all over Nepal. As bike riding is becoming popular in Nepal day by day, you can also enjoy going ride with locals.

 The dirt bike trial here is safe, and it's fun to ride between the trials of high hilly regions and the Himalayan region—all you have to maintain and balance the speed when coming down the hill. 

Also, many bikes and cycle repair shops where you can buy many essential gadgets, gears and repair your cycle or bike before going for a ride on high adventurous mountains supported by excellent trials. 

On the way to the mountain, you can witness many wild animals and birds crossing over the road and flying above the mountains, which are relaxing to see. Nepal is a magical country; heaven is a myth, but Nepal is accurate. We can enjoy the weather and beautiful sunsets during the rainy season as well.

 It rains a lot during the rainy season, and most of the mountains of Nepal are covered with clouds and heavy fogs. It rains a lot; also, Pokhara is the city that receives the highest amount of rainfall in Nepal. After the rain, you can witness the beautiful sunset and fresh environment, which makes your mood fresh as well. Nepal has a large population of animals and birds, especially birds.

 You can head to Chitwan National Park or Bardiya National park for safari, tracing down Bengal Tigers, Elephants, and one-horned Rhinos. Likewise, paragliding is also another fun thing to try after visiting Nepal. You can glide over Pokhara valley, which is one of the most beautiful destinations of Nepal. 

When gliding above Pokhara, you can see and witness Mount Annapurna too. Nepal is also home to the Annapurna region, which offers numerous trekking opportunities, which are considered some of the world's highest mountain peaks. 

You can also enjoy unique, delicious dishes with a variety of toppings supported by traditional Nepali desserts. Likewise, you can visit many religious places of Nepal such as Lumbini, Pashupatinath, Halesi, Pathivara temple, Gosainkunda, Swaymbhunath temple, Boudha Stupa, and many more. 

There are more than 100-200 religious spots, from small ones to big ones. You can visit the Pathivara temple, which is located in the Eastern Region of Nepal. Pathivara is located on the top of the mountain; you have to go step by step like climb on stairs. Stairs are small and made of cement. 

You will see yourself walking above the clouds during Rainy Season. You can feel the atmosphere, which makes you relax, and the environment there is itself soothing, which makes you calm and peaceful. It is not only the religious place, but it is the heaven that exists in reality.

 During the winter season, the Pathivara temple is covered with snow, making it hard to climb up snow covered stairs. There are Spectacular natural riches in Nepal combine with a vibrant culture and sense of extended time history. 

Likewise, Katmandu is the capital of Nepal, which is like a cultural hub, and visiting there feels like you are in the chaos of sounds, smells, and action, which will show Nepal's authentic and extra side. You can also visit Durbar Square, which takes you back to the third century.

 When you visit Nepal, you will know that Nepal is a dream adventure country for many travelers worldwide. The green forest, beautiful lakes, wildlife, thousands of waterfalls, adventure treks, and the high Himalayas are always representing Nepal.

 Likewise, every people and traveler know that Nepal is surprisingly affordable for them and one of the best destinations for travelers worldwide. Moreover, you can enjoy your trip with foods choice, best hotels with a meager budget. 

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