The Future of Physics

To: Harvard-University
Date: 2021/01/30 10:01:36

Quantum physics and Einstein’s special theory of relativity both demonstrate that there is no such thing objective reality. Reality is inherently unmanifest and it is made manifest by our consciousness. The clues have been there for a century, yet mainstream scientists haven’t been able to see it thanks to their institutionally engrained determinist and materialist perspectives. It isn’t just science that has suffered as a result of this significant oversight. We will never know where psychology, spirituality, religion and philosophy might be today if the truth was known a hundred years ago. While mainstream physics ignores and scoffs at the non-physical aspects of reality, so will the average person.


Modern physics began with the best intentions; as a rational response to religious superstition and dogma. But it has since become too intellectually detached from common sense and skeptical of anything non-physical. We went from a spiritual perspective to a purely mechanistic perspective, but we must rediscover some common ground.


When we see something as simple as a wooden spoon, we know with absolute certainty that someone made it, and that it didn’t just spontaneously manifest because billions of atoms randomly came together. The only reason for believing the creation of the universe was an accident is because you don’t want to believe it was created by god. I don’t say God that often, but if I do, I am pertaining to universal conscious; not a superhuman being. We have already explained that consciousness is the true reality, so God is cosmic consciousness and soul is personal consciousness.


The problem with spirituality isn’t what spiritual people think about it – it is what non-spiritual people believe about it. Non-spiritual people look down on spirituality because they do not believe in God. This is reasonable given the general belief that God is an old man with a beard who will condemn you to hell for all eternity if you don’t believe in him. Anthropomorphizing the underlying nature reality into a person with flaws clearly stems from old superstitions. This was understandable in the olden days, but it is not right for today’s modern world. So it was good that people rejected the superstition associated with spirituality but wrong that they rejected it totally.


Metaphysics is tainted like spirituality, and relegated to the fringes of society and science. Spirituality is about the inner reality of consciousness and metaphysics is about the outer reality of cosmic consciousness, so they are fundamentally sciences. So scientists ought to be exploring consciousness but most of them don’t. It’s about time that mainstream science grows up, because there's such a lot more to reality than simply the physical. The physical universe is merely the explicate surface of reality, which may be a multidimensional totality, so in the future we will move from physics to metaphysics.


The word “metaphysics” originates from two Greek words that were joined together about 2000 years ago from Aristotle’s work. Meta- means “beyond”, so metaphysics means “beyond physics”. Metaphysics is the philosophical study of the basic nature of reality, including the connections between consciousness and matter, and implicate vs explicate realities.

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