New Frontier in Virtual Account Payment System with Nuspay’s Deep Tech

To: Harvard-University
Date: 2020/12/27 08:05:26

Over the last decade, the handling of our finances has improved significantly. A significant percent of mobile users used a framework for financial management. Also, a lot of smartphone users favor the use of a computer rather than a mobile site to view and handle their finances. Since developers have continuously created new forms of creative mobile funding, this vertical has become stronger and changed the environment of personal banking and how corporations communicate with their clients. Nuspay, the pioneer in the virtual account payment gateway has balanced this conundrum to cater to the needs of all the user bases.


Strengthening Machine Learning

Machine learning is often important because it can be used to create improved user interfaces. Nuspay sees this and implements this in their virtual account payment system. In order to provide customers with fast and efficient customer services, chatbots are deployed. A report projected that eighty five percent of banks and companies will communicate in 2021 with chatbots. Machine learning helps chatbots to be built in the virtual account payment gateway and be more useful, saving the developer team from handling the jobs manually. This is a 24-hour program that will also save customers time by removing waiting periods before talking to an employee in customer care. The tech smarts of Nuspay mobile finance applications continue to innovate in multiple ways in which their clients will complete a transaction all by themself & and without any manual labour. Customers no longer restrict themselves to standard payment mechanisms that are no longer optimal for current consumer patterns. For example, Nuspay’s QR codes and mobile wallets have been used to save users the difficulty of getting a physical wallet, making it an easy way to complete a transaction.


Revolutionizing Virtual Payment System

Nuspay’s virtual account payment system application provides consumers with more choices when accessing incoming payroll. This helps users to borrow funds in advance without comparative high rates of personal loans, which would take advantage of a customer's condition. In case of emergencies and unforeseen costs before day of pay, this functionality allows users more flexibility to allocate funds. Nuspay offers more opportunities for customers as they access incoming payrolls. Instead of personal loans, which will favor the situation of clients. Consumers can take advantage of these funds in advance at reasonably low rates. This feature provides greater freedom to delegate money for crisis and unexpected expenses before pay day. The growth of Nuspay’s mobile finance has been significantly influenced by automation. Any tasks which can be done with manual labor are to be carried out by the automation software implemented in the virtual account payment system.  Nuspay uses automation to speed up operations and reduce the workload of workers to use their skills on something else, thus freeing up more time to invest in new skills. Automation will give a significantly smoother experience. For example, automatic processes during the operation of a Nuspays payment gateway (VA) application provide alerts on application status, balance details and e-mails of validation, in realtime.

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