5 Variations of Online Baccarat Gambling

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Baccarat gambling is often considered an elite game because in addition to being synonymous with the casino world it also requires a large stake. But today, baccarat can be played by anyone, no matter the social status. Not only that, baccarat gambling can also be played with not too much capital. This online casino game is basically a very easy game. You only need to bet one of the columns on the table, and the total points of that column must be close to 9. Well there are several variations of baccarat games in the world. In the following we will discuss 5 variations of online baccarat gambling.

  • Iron Path

Chemin de Fer is the French version of baccarat. What distinguishes between regular baccarat and Chemin de Fer is that players have to face other players, so no longer face the dealer. In addition, the player can be a bookmaker as long as it can match the total bet owned by the dealer. The player who becomes the bookmaker makes fewer bets than required, so the game can go on.

Chemin de Fer is very fun to play because it involves many players during the game. Not only that, this game usually also uses high-stakes so that it is more adrenaline-draining during the course of the game. Not all online casino sites provide variations of blackjack this one.

At first, Chemin de Fer  was popular and played by french people. But over time it was also popular in mainland England and America. Today,  Chemin de Fer can not only be played offline, because you can also find it on many online casino sites. But unlike conventional baccarat, not all online casino bookmakers provide  Chemin deFer.

So you have to browse first on the internet which sites provide Chemin de Fer. From day to day,  this Chemin de Fer has its rules that develop, especially if played offline. Well, readers also need to know that  Chemin de Fer is different from other types of baccarat, such as Punto Bunco and Baccarat Banque. So you have to learn more it first before playing  Chemin deFer.

  • Baccarat Bank

Another known variation of baccarat in the world is Baccarat Banque. Well in this game baccarat Banque, before the game begins the position of banker (dealer) is auctioned on each player. There are three decks of cards used in this game. Players get two cards stored on the right and left. While the dealer gets one card.

Now the player must select the card on the right or the one on the left and compare it with the card owned by the dealer. If the player wins, then he has the option of 'going bank' which means to be a dealer. That's right, in Baccarat Banque, players can also become a city.


  • European Baccarat

Another variety of baccarat gambling games you should know is European Baccarat. Well there are some differences between American Baccarat and European Baccarat. First, players can choose whether to stand or hit if they get a total of 5 points. In addition, the dealer can also choose to offer a third card or not. Well the bookmaker's bet has been determined by the casino.

For example, the dealer is already provided 10 million, then if the player bet 8 million and other players bet 2 million, then other players are not allowed to join the game. Of course this variation of baccarat is more widely found on European online casino gambling sites.

  • Punto Bunco

Punto Bunco is a game that resembles the conventional baccarat game we know today. Punto Bunco's main difference with other baccarat variations is that the game pattern continues to evolve according to the agreed set of rules. Not only that, Punto Bunco is also possible to raise several cities at once. That's right, in one session, we can find several cities in this Punto Bunco game.

Well another characteristic of Punto Bunco is the existence of side bet rules for players and bankers, which can certainly increase the fun when playing baccarat. In addition to the visual side, Punto Bunco also looks very modern, so it is not boring when played. Well for this Punto Bunco, the RTP is 11:1 for twin bets or pair bets. The number of RTP is certainly very rational and very profitable.

  • Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat is basically the same as standard baccarat but with lower betting limits. So the variety of baccarat games is very suitable to be followed by those with low budget.

Well that's 5 variations of online baccarat gambling, hopefully your insights are more open yes. You can choose the type of baccarat that best suits your betting needs.

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