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As we've seen in the year 2020 and into 2021the advancement of technology has rendered geographical location irrelevant to collaboration and communication, with increasing numbers of companies using flexible work arrangements to reap the numerous benefits of remote working.

For managers who manage teams that are not at the same level is a unique challenge. Trust and motivation, productivity, communication are all common concerns for managers across the world. If you're considering a transition to a remote workplace There are many things to think about. In order to help you weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of this, here are the best practices and rules for managing a remote workforce.

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Here are five things you must consider when you are managing remote employees.


1. Make sure you take your time when hiring

Every company would like to make the most effective hiring decision. However, when you are hiring remote team members you must be sure that the candidate can succeed in a self-directed job. Engaging different team members and conducting numerous rounds of telephonic and virtual interviews will allow you make an informed choice.



2. Recruit independent self-starters

Remote team members require abilities like independence, initiative and self-discipline. Not all people are suited to work remotely, but it could be a great workplace for those who have the right mindset.


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3. Make use of software and communication

Tools such as Slack, Trello, and Google Docs (to name a few) make it simple for teams working from remote locations to work efficiently and remain connected regardless of the place of work.



4. Let colleagues make the decisions

While tools have helped address many of the communication problems frequently faced by remote workers but there are still some obstacles that need careful consideration. Remote work isn't as easy as stepping up to the desk of a coworker to ask questions. Therefore, it's important to let remote workers take decisions on a daily basis rather than constantly making decisions and reporting them to the manager every single day. You can adjust the degree of decision-making depending on the role of the employee and reap the benefits of an efficient and empowered team.



5. Recognize and acknowledge your employees

Be grateful by telling them "Thank you for your effort!" And then provide your team members with appreciation for their work. The recognition of the contributions of every team member helps them feel valued and valued.


These are five mistakes you must avoid when managing remote workers.


1. Employees hired to work for you will require extensive supervision for daily tasks.

The constant need to provide guidance to employees can take up the majority of your time. You'll prefer those who are able to work independently without the need for constant guidance and feedback.

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2. Do not schedule unnecessary meetings

To compensate for the lack of face-to face interactions it's tempting to schedule numerous virtual meetings in order to keep track of the activities your team is doing. One common error that many new remote managers is to set up a large number of meetings in order to make up for not being able to see their team members each day. Meetings that are not needed reduce productivity, and it is best to only schedule meetings when they are beneficial to your team and you.



3. Manage your team remotely

If you've hired a solid group of remote workers you should let them to begin their work. The most effective remote workers thrive in a setting that allows them to be independent. Give them the direction and guidance they need, and resist the urge to control them.



4. Clock watch

When your team's remote location is project-oriented Don't worry over whether colleagues are available from 8-5 each day. The greatest advantage of working remotely is the possibility of having flexibility in the time that is most suitable for the individual. Most of the time, those who work from home experience difficulty "switching off" outside of normal hours. As the manager, it is your responsibility to encourage your employees to have a break to avoid the danger of becoming burnout.



5. Don't forget about your employees

It's a simple concept, but remote doesn't mean with being absent. Even the most independant and strong team members require constant assistance and direction to ensure everyone is focused and on the same objectives.

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Hope that these tips and don'ts will provide you with some valuable insights regarding how to effectively manage your remote team. Keep in mind that remote workers can make a significant contribution to the growth of a business, and as an executive, it's your job to create the right environment, which is efficient stimulating and inspiring to ensure that they are successful.

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